The myScenery @mass run 2008

This folder comprises of trees, building, reflection and other stuff.

Feel free to use these images.=3

Remember to take some photos in 2008, a good year to take some green scenery. =)


The following link to my personal blog of my school has been "closed" as there is a don't know errors

only admin(only me...) can access it =P
oh ya here is the link to my school picies i just take.(that's the embeding problem!)

RE: the problem solved...stupid hyperlink...

My first photo upload..?

This photo is neither hosted on photobucket, skydrive or blogger itself but rather on sitesled.

Due to it's large size... i recommend you to wait ok? Or just skip and go to the skydrive one if you want it to be that way.


Schools out... boring...