"insert vulgarity here" day.

Well today is a piece of "insert vulgarity here". Here's what happen.

Yesterday, I called Samsung CS (Customer service) and told them my youtube app crash upon hard reseting my i8000 (Omnia 2). They say they could not do anything since it is a third-party app. If it is, WHY BOTHER PRELOAD IT TO MY PHONE?

Told them to e-mail me a solution to my phone hanging problem and the youtube (fixed....).

Today, was not expecting a call in the wee hours (not that early...) in the morning. They called me at the wrong time and well... I am not very happy about it because I TOLD THEM TO EMAIL ME.

Phone hang at 11:20+ am. I am "insert vulgarity here" pissed off because THERE IS LESS THEN 20 SMS, 4 APPS, PHONE IN DEFAULT SETTINGS AND A BUNCH OF SONGS AND VIDEOS. THAT'S ALL.

Next, I called them and told the CS to tell the technical engineer to email me. Well, the engineer called me DURING MY LAB MATHS. Wow, what a nice world. Told the guy to call me around 5pm.

I went home in a "hurry" and waited for that call.

That call came and I told that same guy about my problem. Well as a "experience" user in Windows mobile devices, the technical engineer told me to do a hard reset of my phone. And this _________.

He told me the problem is caused my running apps, full RAM, or little phone memory. THE PROBLEM IS I DO NOT HAVE APP RUNNING, ALOT OF RAM AND ALOT OF PHONE MEMORY.

Seriously, I am almighty piss off. I expected a better answer and he told me to do A HARD RESET. I HAVE BEEN DOING THAT LIKE ALL THE TIME. GOING TO CS LIKE MY 2RD HOME.

Okay... What happens if the problem comes back after doing what he say? Go back to CS.

"insert vulgarity here"....

I hung up the phone, it is as good as not talking to him.

Being normal

Yeah... being normal

Azusa Nakano, in normal pose. No ねこ耳. =|

Eh... test test image.

Needs to be big here.

Just normal, do nothing special. Be boring yet entertaining. Quiet yet engaging.

Usual self is being normal.



Oh look, it's 20102010 today. =D

Happy 2010210 day~
Well onto 2011

A large image about the new upcoming CSS

Extra information: kyuro shinki focus on css3 and html 5 (if I can get my hands on it) without graphics (eg:.png,.jpeg, etc). Similar to camaria 3.9, minimum graphic files, maximum code.

Random Crap (Oct)

Some random picture...
*This picture does absolutely nothing (other than being a eye-catcher) and takes up about 1 screen space. =D

Random? Maybe.

That's all from random crap, the post that deliver random things.

Bored, cause I am.

Going to list some of my updated requirement for tech gadgets, from phones to music player to computers.

Cause I'm bored, I can to do it.

Phone requirement

  1. -5 Mega pixels, no less.
  2. -Storage, either 16GB fixed or 8GB + expandable storage
  3. -Screen, can read will do, like 3.5" and above
  4. -Sensors, as long as it is not crap, will do
  5. -GPS, not really a must though I do get lost (0.00001%)
  6. -Wifi, as long as it is not as crappy as Omnia 2 (Wifi fails sometimes), then it's ok
  7. -Music playback must be smooth
  8. -Video must support at least 480p, no less (Quite a loose requirement)
  9. -Input, multitouch if no physical keyboard. Resistive, I need keyboard.
  10. -CPU, as long as it is fast, will do. (Not like Omnia 2, 800MHz lags over 650 Mhz iPhone 3GS)
  11. -Weight, I am not carrying a brick thank you.
  12. -Battery life, talk time 12 hours or more. Like Omnia 2 (Not now, battery dying)
  13. -No crapware inside (iOS and Windows Phone 7 is a good choice)
  14. -OS, from apple, microsoft to RIM. Screw android.
  15. -RAM, not crapper than 256MB Ram will do.

Phones that fit most of the requirement (Other then Omnia 2)
  • -iPhone 4 (Woot!! wait.. no Xbox live? oh well... I don't use that)
  • -HTC HD2 (Hey wait....New?)
  • -Not omnia 2 (cause the requirement is mainly on that...)
  • -Any Windows phone 7 that has 16GB and above. < Heh..
  • -Blackberry torch/storm/etc/blender/crackberry (I am not sure about it).


Been tired this few days mainly due to boredom.

In a seemly unrelated note, I want to have iPod touch 32GB. Almost from nowhere, I want to replace my iPod classic. It ha been through a long time and it's time for it to rest... er... at least step down from a media player to a portable hard drive. =)

Results: Biotechnology 1st term

I just got my results around 8+ am. Before that I was freaking out thinking I may get only like 3 only since the papers that I took is out from Earth (from Mars?). 

Although it is not high, it is still acceptable. In fact it falls to my minimum fall-back range, 3.5, where 4 is the maximum possible score.

Well a pat on my back, I better work hard, twice or thrice it does not matter. I have to get at least 3.7 at least.

Lunch: sushi

Sushi, that is all

Sharing: Some photos from anywhere.

A tree, still air loneliness

Cheer leading squad, cool blue

Forest and a path, path light to light up your path

Food (Hamburger steak?), two patties

Encryption failure

Bummer, working on a save file encryption and well did not work at all.

Well at least there is another way... Thinking of it now.

Sharing: Some photos from nowhere.

Picture - Changi park cycling path, over the right - Changi airport

Changi big longkang, I mean canal

Top - clouds, ahead - Tanah Merah golf course

East coast beach - eastern side