Blog code new core

Though this blog is using blogger default core or CSS, it has been modified like mad till it don't resemble the original product. =3

Now releasing Code 3 extended (Untested), the new core meets the new people.
Looks like different theme but it uses different core and it's about 1-3 KB smaller in code size.

For older old and stable release, come to this post.

Apple headphones

I was wondering what is so good about Apple headphones bundled with iPods.

In the bus, I can see about 7 people using it, 3 are using for their phones or other MP3 players.
When I use it, I always put it to the max volume as Apple headphones have a powerful magnets.

And since I'm a Ipod owner, I feel silly that I don't use the supplied headphones and yet use a $8 cheapscape one which I get from 2003. 6 years of service and it's going well.


My school computer is brand-new. Not that.
My school computer has a new mindmap software. Not that.
My school computer is faster then most PC. Not that.

My school computer has Adobe CS3 Master collection. Yes.

That's is all.


Notice anything different here?

Edited abit in the code plus a new wallpaper! =3

Day 2 of CNY

Really nothing to do except blogging, playing and studying for test(TONS COMING!).
The last week of January shows how mature teenagers are and for me it's a busy week (not a week actually but just 7 days of school that squeeze together to 3 days.)

Get red-packets but not opening it yet; visiting not over yet. Or it is?

Windows 7 part 3

Part 3 is the ending as my father told me to erase Windows 7.
Lawl.. Anyway this is the screenshot I promise you all.

*I can't fit all images here despite the larger space I added. So everything will be at Skydrive. 25GB nia.. I do realise that blogger like to mess around my image arrangement. See Windows 7 part 2 post and see what blogger do to my images.

No difference from Windows Vista. Except a few improvment like the now less annoying UAC.
Oh ya, some nice wallpaper too =3

Windows 7 part 2

After install fun starts.

This will be a short part as I am in the rush of installing apple drivers and reboot so nothing to see here except screenshot.
See ya tomorrow for more screenshot, actual one, not taken by camara.

Windows 7 part 1

I download Windows 7 beta and it took about 40 minutes to download.

Installing, you take a nice cup of coffee and poof, it's done (surprisingly).

The hardware I'm going to test it out is MacBook (wow....)

I forget the specs and just to let you know it's Core 2 duo and 1GB ram.
The rest I forgotten. Alot of things don't work on the MacBook and it's damn troublesome (still at setup).

Well that's that for now. See you in the next post.

Summery for Code 3

Now there's 2 JavaScript running and the rest is just static code.
Well it's a improvement since there.
Before tweaking this code (hacking if you may say), I used tons of javascript and it's slow.

Moving on, base is the same. The main template design is the same. Almost everything is the same actually, only a few fixes.

Biggest fix is the simplest one of all...... text overflow.

PWN color


Now it looks like it got colored by color pencils.
BTW this blog now runs on version 3.1.2.
Other blogs are using version 3 lawl.

V3.0, Released
V3.0.1 Minor code adjustments
V3.1.0 Functionality overhaul + Layout changes
V3.1.1 Color and tweaking.

Anyway some of you might be guessing where to get the code. Well, it's goning to be release once it's really finalised although it is working fine and everything works.

Spam is a long way.

long way

I have a Spam post posted in my testing blog to test the text overflow and see if the code can make it, erm shorter to that it does not fly out of the screen(which it did).

Up to today I’m surprised by this fact… Well? Coders we have a small problem. =)

Edited: This problem has been solved. Do not tag as spam.

TEST: 1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm1234567890qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

This does not involve ENTER but the code that warp itself to this own box. Neat.


Well I know now at least it works fine... though I'm speechless...

Actually I was playing with the watermark script and it's more then a watermark, it's also a fully usable and customisable wallpaper script. Never knew it can do the things which looked impossible.

One example is the top one.

Credits goes to Sorry for not using the logo, lazy upload logos. =3

BTW my blog above is not using that picture, it's only a preview of after adding that inside =P.
Don't be shock (though I love anime, I don't say it out explicitly on what type I like)

Archery denied

My form teacher told me my archery application is denied due to the program called Infocus. Damn it..

Busy, busy month...

I wanna takeupaarcherycoursebutmaybecannotlololololol...

I mean I want to take up Archery course and why I say that's going to be busy? I have a CIP trip to HWA (Handicap Welfare Association and I hope my spelling is correct..).

PLUS I have to attend this sh**** program called Infocus and soon after that I might have to attend early-bird lesson @7am!!!

Not just that, CCA!!! My CCA teacher is pressing on me to attend CCA (The only respectable senior) as I have not been attending CCA due to miscommunication between my juniors (They can relay wrong message without realising... >.<) and worse is it conflict with my NOT YET APPROVED archery course WHICH CONFLICTS with Infocus program... Can this get any worse? Yes, test test test, that is needless to say though... =)

Blogging secretly..

Not suppose to use the computer lawl but hey, I’m blogging =3

But nothing to blog about… Oh ya.. US got big thing…

Blogging secretly..

Not suppose to use the computer lawl but hey, I’m blogging =3

But nothing to blog about… Oh ya.. US got big thing…

Vista days

Gone are the days which I rant how I hate Vista. Now we get along for now. Getting to know Mac is a little hard.
Here are the post which shows my Vista hate.

Well that's that. Hate you Vista even though we are getting along well now.

Going slow but not stopping

Due to my workload increasing, well this is going very slow like a snail pace.

New designs, next month or so. Till I’m free then I will post something.

Blogging from Windows Live Writer

So… Now it gave way for Blogger hun? Well this time round I clap my hands.

Somehow or rather, it go too smoothly…

I really love the real time preview function, it’s so damn nice!

I highly recommend this Windows Live (Writer of course, not other crap counter-parts) as it really works out well even though it’s a Microsoft product working on a 3rd party blogging platform like Blogger.

Once again claps for the Live writer. =D

Say hi to this messages

Technically, it shows that people are new to Windows Live or treating us like one.

1337 Windows Live installer

What can I do?..


When is advertise, what is it trying to do?
Anyway Microsoft can repair itself. =3

Some crap I have made today

Well that's a piece of crap. Anyone can see that.


I will not be blogging much as I have a load pile of work to do this year, so blogging will be reduce to maybe once a week like early last year. When I will be free to blog, I will let it all out and so have a happy browsing.
PS: Blog code is here,



I've tried Dreamscene for Windows Vista.
Though I'm running Home Premium (hehe) my install disk INCLUDES all edition of Vista, everything (and it's genuine and I wonder why all edition). Don't expect much like Vista Enterprise (It will be lawl).

Anyway back to the topic, running Dreamscene under these condition, Aero rating of just 2.3 (I know it's low, intergrated video card, 640MB). And I turn on Aero with transparency and everything you think of. Now turn on Dreamscene, wow... Just one word wow.

It's damn nice, blending into my desktop like no other, now I totally forget VLC player.
Just hope that this motherboard don't get fried like last time. =(


Now I finish updating my About me page. You can view here.

Blogging far..

Now I'm at my cousin house blogging with a macbook instead of eeepc. Macbook keyboard is big, sure but without using that keyboard for a long time can be a pain in the neck.

Now trying to export my template code, version 3.1, it's very stable and light weight.
It's using a modified version of this template Minima Black. Many aspect of this original code remains unchanged except for some minor detail.

On the 12th of January, it's O-lvl result release date. So all students taking O-lvl be prepared.


Note that it is by design that Links code to be hidden. This notice is updated @ 9.1.2009. Sorry to waste one post lenght which Important infomation can be added instead.
"This is an announcement to notify all visitors that we have a problem with the 'links' code. However, overall experience will not be affected. Thank you for your kind understanding."

I wonder why girls pop out of no where...
ANYWAY isn't that announcement is done in the previous post?
Details: Sidebar Links section fail to load when opening a post page."h2 class="sidebar-title">> Links" and other multiple code failure." The newly renamed title had caused the problem.
Solution: For visitors this problem should not affect overall experience while viewing this blog as it only occurs only when viewing individual post pages only.
It can be reverse by restoring the proper Blogger template default code for "h2 class="sidebar-title">> Links" and other affected code. Javascript and CSS is not effected by this problem.

Thank you for your kind understanding for this minor inconvenience.

Note: Refer to this post,
Code 3 is not supported by blogger and the code does not really comply with blogger "standard".

Another issues again...

You see my blog, looks great right? Click on any post and see any difference between the main page and the post page?
Some code fail to load... and I know what's the problem but will not be fix soon.

Now seeing into the problem, it might be a design flaw or it's meant to be like that.

The girl(!)

leftThis girl is nice and it's finish.

This girl is sparking because of...

No idea...

Now then they ship with Leopard?!?!

Now shipping with Leopard. Wow, before they ship Leopard, they ship with DOS?

Now spot 3 mistakes in the picture and compare with the time settings window on the right.

Now think twice why is that picture up there not other screenshots? =3

Lawl.. Code Owned!

The script design template got OWNED by me personally.
As you can see, there are tons of changes which is not "fully supported" by blogger xDD.
Well it works and it's now forcing people to go high resolution.

A girl (?)

Question mark is not really applicable but it's better then not putting one.

Blog restore

As you can see that few things change around here, mainly the background and the arrangement style. I have used Articina blog to restore this blog JUST to FIX the Analytics problem. HOWEVER that does NOT work. WHAT'S it problem? It's just F****** wrong.

At least the code works... nothing really change much.
By the way, Articina blog is undergoing a script thingy change. Read more @
It's at the 2nd Status report column.

Minor tweaks around the blog.

You realise that this notice "The site will be undergoing a minor script change. Some funtionality might be missing or disabled. I am sorry for any convenience caused. " is shown.

Right now I'm trying to remove scripts that might slow down loading time. Though I'm not suffering from any page opening speed issue as I have a good internet connection =P and using IE7 for blogging (I know that IE7 sucks and the slowest but load pretty decent.) and as this blog host alot of images, scripts removal is required for loading speed and of course useless scripts is an eyesore.

You might notice alot of changes but the overall interface is pretty much the same.

Hope this does not affect your experience while browsing this blog of mine.
Stay happy and postive =D

Vista running @ 256MB ram and 8MHz LOL

Running Home premium as host machine, Ultimate as guest, it's odd I know but the odd thing is 8MHz and 256MB ram. Nice specs =D

*Note the 8MHz. LOLOL

Moving to a better site.

Don't be mistaken.. Not blog moving but site moving.

My google site is still banned for no good reason and I had enough with google site services. (Not blogger of course)

The new URL is from wordpress. Now moving content and lucky, it's HTML code is portable. The name is very obvious...