Big failure... damn..

If you happen to click the title link, you will see my blog in a different domain. Well.. if you see the address bar carefully... you know what happen. The domain is different, hosting is different (6GB of storage + .php support and other stuff you can think of). It's nice to have a nice host but if the host is willing to cooperate with me......

FTP got screwed up, the host does not want to recognize the files... then it's my fed-up part... ditching it till December.

Future of this blog?

I might consider moving this blog to a FTP server for better customization and of course, no limits (eg file storage and pages). is an example.

Well... hate redirects but it's my first file and web host. Reliable too.
See that as an example.

Fully powered by blogger for post publishing and hosting by =D

Two in one...

Edited: Different CSS also~~~~ Woot!!!


Did I see ads on blogger!?!?!?


Now blogger needs ads.


*Updated: After refreshing the page, the ad disappears.

Do we have control over this ads?

Or they just randomly appears at a certain time and date?

Muh hahahahaha (Con't)

Muh hahahahaha

Konakanami, 4.0

The stable version is here. With added fixing. =3

New avatar... o.O

It is cute and it's done in under 3 hours (odd...). Nothing better to do during the holiday...

You can find it @ Facebook. Hehe...



Actually it is not new.

Just that the hosting is being a pain in the rear for not supporting .png file format.

I just switch to a better but a lower bandwidth hoster which is Photobucket.

I still prefer Photoshop express.
Not believing, see the banner and the footer image to really see.

Seeing this? Welcome to my blog. =D

Alot of changes but not updated fully; stage 1.8 out of 4.

The biggest (and the best) is speed. Faster hun?

Top bar so-called menu is undergoing and well a new wallpaper is coming soon. Enjoy.~~

Thanks for visiting.

*BTW It's cross browser compatible.

Plane still at the ground. Why?

It's black now.

I'm just playing around the colors and the design. So no worries. =)

Upgrading, visually.

You now see the big change here.

Fret not, I'm not gonna remove links or
Post is intact. Search bar is still crazy. Scripts are working 24/7.

It's upgrading in design as you can see the footer. (Scroll all the way to the bottom).

Hate the design? Comment it or email me @ with details.
I will either roll back or listen to your comments or feedback. Whatever it is, it's you who matters =)

*Nothing much now and hey, it's the birth of my new bike =D
Just got a new bike~~~~ lalalala~~~~ I can go anywhere now~~~ lalala~~~