deactivating stuff

It's that time of the year, removing old stuff. Now, removing old blogs and development blogs.


Seal off my history of TPSS, well no one visits it anymore.

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Well that's all, Oh lastly, too.

~Here you go people, shutting down sites. Heh... Now the remainder will be this, articina and picturomatic. Three of it will not be shutting down anytime soon or later.

nendo wall

CCG Expo 2011

CCG Expo 2011
Well it's up now. Go ahead, let the cute girl lure you in. =D

Inactivity (Again)

It's been awhile. I have been busy with work. Yes real work and I cannot devote some of my time in blogging or even playing computer games or explore youtube updates. That's how busy I am now.

Wake up(1) > work(2) > eat(3) > sleep(4) > ^Repeat cycle from (1)

Oh, in case you are wondering about the fate of this blog, fret not. It will undergo complete overhaul(!) and a refresh of post and photos. Just don't forget me, drop by this September 2011 and have a good day.


*Little note: I am Noumi crazy now... What the crap?