Big thing about the bug

Look here.
I really don't know where is the problem.

*Error, it's version 1.6c
A small extra coding that gives it another 0.1 and the C.

Improved script loading speed, bahbahbah and so on...except the bug fixes.


Using flash as a tracing slave, wonders come about.
New charactor(?).
I think so(or not) =

Oh ya, blog patched, other blog don't really need as no big bugs happening.


I have discovered that all of my blog got post view bug.
I mainly blamed on one of the scripts. (I want to murder that code!)

BUT the most surprising thing is the version 2 beta, which is not really ready, did not have that bug.

That leaves me puzzled. It share the same main core of the version 2 (then what for I add the 0.1 on it?) and it's bug free without I knowing or even doing anything stupid on it.

Anyway patching date might change randomly...
Sooner the better, but more work to do..=

Affected blogs...ALL!!! << WTF


Tomorrow is my last day in school (I can always come back if I want to)
And tomorrow is gonna be a super short day.
Tell me what to do?

A new way

Erm.. I mean a new way to use this blogger in secure mode.
I wonder how's that going to help me.. or you?

Do this,

Login and change the address bar to,

Difference is adding a s to the http.
This will change to secure mode and trust that your blogging secret will not fly here or there. However, this will slow down your speed. You know what I mean.

Do take note that adding a s to the http to your blog address will not make it secure. Example is.. click here to go to my school blog, with the https.

Comming soon....

The script 2.1, lol but I must say, might be one of the most reliable script that I ever customised and adding/taking away. (Just say > I <.. href="">here.
That script will be **patched/upgraded blog wide.

*Up to today...zz
**All of my related blog OTHERWISE stated.
***A hidden blog that is inaccessable.=)


Bugs still existed in the blog, after my o-lvl then settle. Takes about 2 or more days as no time and busy with something.
Kana--> What no time?! You play everyday~ lalala

Guy--> Lol my secret is out.
Dots and we have a enjoyable lesson today.
Commited this word in my brain, Boring.

Kana--> Shutup~~~

Guy--> Lolx.. =P BTW who are you?

Kana--> =x..

lol... =X

The version 2

Lol not interface designing but something...
Monochrome colours however, it's not completed and not really nice.


Finally everything is back to normal, thanks to Articina designing blog, which it has the most recent script from this blog.

So I still don't know what happen actually but I narrowed the problem to the drop down menu script.

There is a small bug but hey, I restored to the last usable menu state.

See this screenshot, EXTREAMLY BUGGY! After trying to find the problem, problem gets worse. This S*** stack overflow (known as "buffer" overflow in scripts) happens.
Stupid isn't?

ARH!!! (edited) Status

Bloody scripts block my post.
No wonder I cannot post anything.

Now revert then can.
ZZZ. Well back to square 1.

Stage 1 : Recovering last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:40pm

Stage 1.1 : Recovered last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:42pm
---Lol it's a 2007 backup =D---

Stage 1.2 : Recovering scripts. Time: 4:43pm

Stage 1.5 : Recovered version 2_beta Time: 4:54pm
---The most recent I can find the point of time---

Stage 2/4 : These few days I will try remove problemtic scripts from version 2.1a
---Means the one that I modify a few days ago---

More to come. Here. =)

*EDITED on 10:14 pm , problem solved.

The work (part 1)

Don't ask... just doing something out of nowhere.

Random stuff.

Part 2 (Still working on it)

Part 2 of my randomness.

More to go. =X

Wow twitter!

New look for twitter~
It's a real make over.
Unlike my blog.. =


Now it's done with the "thing"
End product is.. here


It seems that the Photoshop express is tight
in security, I mean in gallery.
Now beta is over~~ Then 2 or less of my gallery is lockout.

Although it's one click to unlock~

Lazy unlock =)
Kidding..once version 2.1 comes out then I unlock (Very busy) it's 10.13pm.. time to sleep.
I made another webcomic.

Photoshop sharing option is not a problem.. Problem lies on my laziness.


Lolz nice..

Photoshop express is no longer beta ( I saw at one glance the word beta is removed )
And I made my first stick comic. ( Based on real life experiences and ranting ) does not include my boring photoshop bahbahbah... NO time for that...

Link to my gallery @ phptoshop express and the web comic is at my school experience/personal blog.

Releasing Articina

Going to release Articina soon.
Beta still (like kanami)
Hohoho....password protected.
Only some are allowed to view it.
(Close-source;only friends)

My computer is all right..

Finally after puting up with the vista,
got back the xp but did not get the installation disk.
My dad bring my CPU to the repair shop and ask a guy to reinstall xp.

Some guy...
After N-lvl i Got To Go and get vista, who knows when I have to reinstall.
Although I hate vista, some things can't be help.
Some things..

Mark my words vista.. xp OWNED you!

My *new* avatar

Not Q but comments:Same wat...

A:No...Look closer..
I mean new as in new design, not that flipping but reflection.
Flipping sucks now...Now reflection rock.
Still Shana herself. =D

Q:So you like her?

A: Yes and yes and yes and yes. Cute


BTW my wallpapers for this blog (and other blogs) are handled by Photoshop express by Adobe.

This is what I get....

I doubt that they are really sorry...
Server down like 2-3 times in 4 months..

My vista blues...

I tried everything to get XP back...
So don't try to tell me to use linux or related here

The last resort.. Use vista.. screw them for high system requirements.

Status: Reformated HDD 11 times
Run recovery, including but not limited to...

ubuntu (Maxtor recovery disk) show my KDE desktop and nothing else.. how to recover?!? somemore live CD take so long boot up

Lenovo rescue and recovery <<<< BLoody sh** don't work after change motherboard.

Some recovery disk from lenovo ( Same result as above )

and into my com for 2 times.....

This make my blood boil...

My m***** f****** computer.
I wanted to reformat it...Then my doom comes..

Cannot be installed...
Just because i change my f****** motherboard,
it fails the whole process.....

Now i install vista, it's sucks.
wanted to make look like xp is hard...


I thought Photoshop CS 3 i a big step with my old and puny Photoshop 7.
Now I know that CS3 is also puny.

Off the uninstall!

Photoshop CS3 F*** off.

However.... The only big difference is the clean interface.. ( Like no difference, only different colors =P )

Ipod nano

It's here =D
Now saving $$ to get one.

The switch。。

I wanted to make a logo... or rather a symbol that represent my interface...

However. it seems that my PS 7 don't work with Japanese...

Oh ya the switch...

I switch from IE to safari... since IE is giving my problems....

I type my blog address (Which happens to be my name as well...)
My name in japanese hahaha..
Wtf...cannot off the language switch...

あr地品 ( articina ) interface... New name( maybe =D ) is.. かなみ ( kanami ) interfacing

This is what happens... is you go to べんじゃみねおんg。bぉgsぽt。こm


Having to read my friend blog, I saw this thing called common creative licence.
Quite interesting, so I gave it a shot.

Not so outstanding on my blog though...

*See very bottom..