Disaster happened.

It was a good for a walk with my friend and well, it has dark clouds. So we decided not to walk and instead I went to his house for a cup of coffee (sugar overdrive). True to my prediction, it rained. After drinking coffee, I received a phone call from my mom, saying that my block is on fire (WHAT THE ....). And so true to what I heard, there's smoke (indicating fire duh), I rush to the scene and OMG there is a fire, on the second floor.
*I live at the same block but different floor.

Lots of people is crowding around taking photos and fireman rushing to the scene, putting out the fire (When I got there, it is reduced to smoking but fire exists inside.)

Well it seems that no one got hurt at that time.

*(I concluded that it is a electrical fire, though the whole house is on fire; the main fire source is from one of the rooms.) 

Well that's that.

New Wallpaper for the blog (Soon?)

Taken that my exams are over (Left Chinese Basic, you can stop laughing now thanks.), I will be releasing some (or few) designs. Nothing else better to do anyway. Look out for PSD raw files. =D

Track Links:Typing game

> http://somoe.org/typing/ Wow. Quite hard and simillar to DJ Max or O2 Jam. Recommended to play it.