Neko {square}, Public version

Better then Rei version 3.6 or even Konakanami 4.0

You decide. =3

Warning: It is not user-friendly inside. If you modify one wrong value, bye~ (Unless you are good in HTML and CSS)

Plans: Converting to HTML5, too bad IE needs a little JavaScript to enable HTML5 styles.


A screenshot from L********r ep:18? Censored for privacy. =|



Hmm… messed up with かたかな with ひらがな。


BTW this post is written in Live writer, not a bad software from Microsoft. =) Quite good actually…

Neko {square}

The outside is just a show. Now look at the inside, image transparency, h5,h6,h7 editable independent control, manageable image size and so on.


And now…

 new ad

Releasing soon.

Better then Konakanami. =3


BTW stupid blogger posting page got bugged, now blogging from Live writer.

Notice anything different?

Yep for me, images load fasteeeeeeerrrrr (Without cache) and I trim down my CSS (Or the base HTML code) by 1KB! 1KB!!!!! Lol... probably the smallest HTML base I have done. That's the good news. The bad news is in order to achieve that, I have to removing the logging (Damn..) and Google analytics(It's getting on my nerves). Well so long!

Project Diva Screenshot

Those are some of my favorites in the game. There's about 60+ more but lazy to upload.
Anyway it's next to DJ Max game with a slightly harder control (You use one side of the PSP to play only. 4 Buttons. One thumb.) but fun and nice (impressive to be exact) 3D rendering on a PSP.

(Hate the watermark when taking screen shot, though it could use bit of Photoshop~~ wait...... might violate for editing the picture... damn...)

Anyway.... I recommend this game (if you could read Japanese, that is..). The top game in my PSP for now.... which will be the next game to be the top of my list?

kOn {square} mini details

I'm damn bored (No, not that bored). Looking around, only visual design has been applies and I know many people knows how to design it (Apparently, most people I know can't do it =P no offense) and this might be nothing.

Not a promise but kOn {square} will be the revamped design + CSS and HTML for blogger.
The so called development will commence later this year, 2009.

Expect something better then this =D

*BTW the preview is the idea. Nothing impressive through.

kOn square design. Part 1(?)

Hmm... the number seems clear.. Lets start. =)

kOn {square} (Not referring to a certain anime) is a new design by me again. It features a few changes around and the most noticeable is the number 1, the static menu bar. It's in .png format and alpha transparency thingy. All design will be in .png, not the lousy .jpeg one.

The header and footer shadows (and of course the transparent thingy) will have a darkening effect with the wallpaper (if it's big and has various pattern of course).

I have also realized that layers ARE important in .png files. The example is the header, the person is under the box layer and woot~~ does not show up in PURE white BG.

The rest of the crap shall be posted sometime next week.

Number 3... next time I will explain.... if I could...

Currently, kOn {square}, idea stage.