kOn square design. Part 1(?)

Hmm... the number seems clear.. Lets start. =)

kOn {square} (Not referring to a certain anime) is a new design by me again. It features a few changes around and the most noticeable is the number 1, the static menu bar. It's in .png format and alpha transparency thingy. All design will be in .png, not the lousy .jpeg one.

The header and footer shadows (and of course the transparent thingy) will have a darkening effect with the wallpaper (if it's big and has various pattern of course).

I have also realized that layers ARE important in .png files. The example is the header, the person is under the box layer and woot~~ does not show up in PURE white BG.

The rest of the crap shall be posted sometime next week.

Number 3... next time I will explain.... if I could...

Currently, kOn {square}, idea stage.