*Archival of blog

It's the new year! The year 2013 and will be doing a fresh start however for this blog because of lack updates it will be archived and soon users will be redirected to my photographic blog, http://picturomatic.wordpress.com. The redirection will be blog wide until I start anew with blogger again.

So since the late 2007 to present 2013, it has been 5 years and the year before has the lowest updates in the span of 5 years. 

I believe my blog has been access for the following reasons; there's a blog post of Pangya calculator and many visits to download the calculator. That post will not be available and the file will be taken down to avoid confusion. The calculator is no longer supported as it is 3 years old and no longer playing Pangya.

Thank you for visiting my personal blog. This blog is now archived and will redirect you to my photography blog once the blog is completely isolated from by eyes...