Redoing everything...

As you all can see here this blog looooook odd...
Very plain and it's a eyesore as there's no design or whatsoever.
Now it's undergoing a small update/upgrade in code functionality.
Some code has broken down and this is quite stable for a blog.
Please do give me feedback on this crap template( anyway it's not mine, it's a template from blogger=D ).

That top comment does not apply now!

Upgrading stage 1 @ 30.12.2008
Expected date completion, 1.1.2009. Woot new year! =)

Edit: Well it look so crappy that I have to revert BACK to this template! It's lawl...
Well enjoy! =D
PS this is the crappy design :



(See second picture)



What's in my head

Now I'm thinking what the fu** is wrong with my code.
This blog has a google analytics problem and my school blog has a code problem.

2 script failure in my school blog(OMG and it's obvious to any user...)

Well don't have time to debug that crappy thing as the base code is working fine...

Fu***** analytics, tried to "repair" but still no luck...

Funny name

The current name, Orcieina, really has no meaning.

Now thinking of what name to replace that but it must have this word "Ocean".

Formaly known as Articina, containing the word "Art".
For "Ocean", merging the ending "icina" is hard. "Oceanicina"? " Oceania"?

I don't know..

Redoing my tracing ways.


I found a better way of tracing. This might make my life easier and some of you might know this way...
The first picture is find edges.
The second one is of course it's the original one.
And so this simple processing can make life easier, or is it? =D

Getting better

I have finally finish my anti-biotic course and now on the road to recovery.

Still sick, most of my actvities are still limited...

Now coughing blood, prepared to take iron pills soon.. =.=""

Flipping madness?


Merry christmas!

And good luck for those who decided to do last minute shopping.

My presents got sweeter

I am running Vista, not the crappy Home basic but a Home premium.

Love the Aero interface. It's xmas eve and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Too bad that one of my works just did not arrive in time to show here.

Oh well see you soon.

Now recovering.

The media center if you play with it too much, it will 100% make you bored till you just want to close it.

Problem lol

Now blogging from a mac, I have alot of internet issues with my vista computer... LAN hardware not working TWO, wireless not helping much... well alot of things happens.

The day before xmas..

I still have to go to school ...

Day 5

Day 5 of sick. Sick of being sick. I'm really tired of being sick and I want to get better and not sick. Sick is sickening andit's really sick. lol

I must be out of my mind =P

EST: 25 cups of water everyday... LOL THAT"S REALLY SICK!! 350ml * 25 = 8750 ml.

Peeing every 1 hour lol

hahaha.. no really..

Spam.. what a luck...

This happen when I'm sick..


My fever has gone down and I'm feeling much better compared to the past few days which is a living hell. Chills and fever haunting you and sleepless nights can make anyone go crazy.

Well apart from that, I might just go to secondary 5 next year. Anyway, there's window of opportunity.

Next big update.

See this space @ Christmas.

The next big futuristic operating system interface designing, coming soon.

More sick ranting...

I'm seriously sick, fever raging me for several days... Well today I might try to get out of the house and get my result... I heard from a sources (my friend of course) that everyone is going to secondary 5 (except one of course). It's omg and I thought that about half of the class will be gone... Harzz the history repeats itself again... =(

The day before collecting my result.

Sorry for my poor spelling as I'm sick, with the highest fever temperature of 39.6 degrees.

Well I'm personally excited about collecting my result as this determines where will I go after that.

Continue secondary 5? Going to higher NITEC so that can go to poly second year after first year of NITEC? Or just work till I go NS (National service)?

My fate lies on tomorrow. Hope I recover of that nasty fever. My eyes and head fillwith pain, body aching. Why?

Yet another tracing.

Haha~. =)

Holy Crap!! It's my blog birthday!

My very first post is this I have switch from Live spaces to blogger on this date 13.12.2007!

It's also the "birth" of this blog. I'ma making a new logo for it.

Some pic.

Site disabled.

WTF my Articina google site has been disabled!!!!!! OMG....

Well there's another way....

Now what?

Did not get the macbook on time. I heard they might deliver sometime late....

24 Hours more!!

Macbook, I can't wait for it to arrive to my home, home delivery. Muh hahaha!

I will be back home around 6pm or so.

Edit @ 7:09pm
About 15more hours =33

Early christmas gift for students

It's a wallpaper, give yourself a treat.
It's made by me; charactors from Lucky Star.

Done and done...

Sad that one of my google site got ban..

What's in my mind~

Nothing really... other then finishing my Time Leap interface..
I have a good friend who pop by with donuts and we chat around to patch up the missing time we have lost during the holiday; I'm a busy bee.

Anyway, something happened major today. However I can't tell you what was that as it's private. Well wish that person all the best..

28 days later..

Hypoglycemia. Well I researched this term today and why and what happen on the 7.11.2008.

Harzz...Treatment for that is sugary food, PROVIDED that person is conscious and able to swallow. Well. qouted in wikipedia,

I agree to that, just pray that would not happen again. Thank that I have a damn sweet drink with me.

Recovery rate ranged from 5 min to 20 min. Hmm mine is 15 min.

Cycling aftermatch

Well we did not get to east coast beach via PCN path as my mother does not allow me to go there by cycling, so we cycle to the big pond and to par sa ris park. I know that my spelling sucks but it's quicker that way. Total distance, 13-15km.

Planing for something

Now I have to do calculations, pathway and preparation for tomorrow cycling.

Route : Tampines to Bedok Reservoir Park to East coast park.

Total distance : Ext 18km to and fo.
Sparing 9km to and fo pathways.

Crossing about 15 traffic lights. That's only a estimated.

Lol transparent desktop




One man team?

I am refering to this post

It's about the slow development of Articina. Heh... One man team. I can do it alone.
Now bored of coding in Visual basic, now on to Articina.

The day..

Did not get vista as they do not sell any piece of crap there. Why...

Anyway I got a Norton security suite for 3 pc. Cheap....
And installing takes only 4 minutes.... WOW...

Well vista, I gonna gat it some day...

Content browser

Actually, I wonder what it ACTUALLY do up to this date... Even though I made it.. It's still kinda of puzzle me..

Just run setup.exe and you are done. Just make sure that you extract everything and update your computer.

For support... for now it's MSN 1 on 1 chat.
Website support is not.. erm not done...

First coding?


On Pure desktop

See it's clean. As always.

What's in my mind~

Bored now...

This weekend I might tell my dad to get me vista if that offer is really so darn good.
So I might spam post if I get my hand on it as you know, vista and I have some issues...

Vista Home premium, Home basic like no difference.
But hey I love the Areo, I can do my project better too like Articina. Hehe..

What's in my mind~

Now it's 25th of November, a loomy month for me.
It's 20 days since my official freedom started.

37 days to school. I hope a surprise turnaround happen and it's a good one.

Now trying to think how to collect my results for N-lvl....
Going solo or with my parents, which MIGHT have abit of events going along the way.

I just wish that I'm transferred to some country and attending a academy there.
Where my talents shone like a sun there.

That's all for now...

Kami Center.

Well that's explains alot.


Christmas sales comes early, seeing a catalog makes me jealous of the low prices.
Some I see it's wooo~~ $143 for a office 2007 home and student edition and omg $5xx for a laptop with some freebies.

However apart from that, I have a serious things for my xmas "present". It's a necessity, new video card (since mine is integrated) and vista premium (since xp isn't on sale as OEM and although mine is xp, no recovery disk and reformatting could cost alot).

I know it's "M***** F*******"vista!??!?!" well it's cool... And I know I have issues with vista installed on this computer " No it's not vista problem but MY problems with vista, we just can't get along" and so I decided to learn "Hey I have VAST knowledge of the thing called vista" the difference between xp and vista " Mark my words, xp pwn YOU VISTA!!!"

Actually, why not switch to mac? Anyway it's coming @ 11.12.2008 right on my door step.. around that date..
No... really..... it's coming... i mean someone will deliever that mac... i mean the macbook sry...

Oh yeah wait... it can't run my windows apps...

Infomatics download

Here's Infomatics, enjoy...

Nice weather today

Surprising, it's hot and sunny @ Saturday afternoon.
A good time to play maple =P

Anyway here's what in my schedule, 24th of nov is my room packing day, very messy room to be packed + rewireing of my computer.

So for minor updates, visit

Things are comming to a snail pace

I know =
I had other things to do (Other then playing maple lol), like project BIKE (Yet to be known) and since it's holiday, why not enjoy the breeze (As if there's wind).

But rest assured, I will upload the so called interactive .psd files soon. This time will be batch upload.

Coming soon next week featured (not so as it's even started!) content, Articina Pure
"Relife the history todate." Quote by some guy@1915 lol that's not a link so dun click it

About me

Erm read here... Not here


You might not believe your eyes after you see that.

Take a look at the address bar.

Not the same URL.

Don't believe? Take at the original one

This is interesting
The following post question.
1) what would you do if there were prirings spawning in your backyard
2) what would you do if there was a spriggan in your backyard
3) what would you do if there was InvokeEX in your backyard

1a. Adopt as pets

2a.Screw them and sell them for profit

3a. AK47, no explanation needed

Click on the link for more details =)

Very WTF

From TheGuyThatBlogInYourCom

Well this notice is give 10 minutes before the server closure. Very f***** irritating right?

Issues about the patch.

Maplestory SEA

I am able to play that crappy game after several hours of waiting.
The new pirate job is fantastic and this time round, it's fun to play around despite of shooting only bullets and that's involves only one skills, there's a bit of realism in that.

Now level 18, 78%. Gonna be a Gunslinger.
Muh hahaha!!~~ =DD

Greated by this error

MapleSEA server sucks.

Or it's just their crappy code that exceeds the server RAM?

We do know that this happens all the time.
Note that it's clearly using Windows server OS. This things happens all the time website using Windows OS as their server machine.You might wonder why NEVER had this problem..
UPDATE: Now I'm being to wonder why, 2k ppl visiting the site OR the site is being under DOS for releasing pirate job....

What's in my head

Now I'm deleting 350++ post from wordpress to refresh with this blog and others.
Because of the tagging in articina, I HAVE TO REDO AGAIN.
And starting from now this blog will have tagggggggggggg thingyyy, why not redo anikino blog?

Omg twitter

Omgomgomg twitter is down.. =(

Food.. I'm a good cook.~~

Now on my head

I'm thinking of doing "Homemade" charactors instead of relying on other sources....
There's an example but not quite right and done in 3 minutes only.

Holidays are there to be waste with joy, not sadness or emo"ness".

Follow me on twitter for more details.
If not you can see the little box on the bottom right, that's my updates.
I won't be blogging that much as mini updates will be enough, rather then a big one.

A close call

It was a fine day, and we happily cycle thought Bedok Reservoir.
It all go well till my legs so haywire. My friend and I race through 1Km to and forth when
we go in reverse of the path, within 670m, I nearly lost control of my legs.
Then dizziness takes over me and I had to force myself to stop.
It's then I signal to my friend to stop the race and force myself to go the nearest resting bench.
Even so it's difficult to move myself there as I had a chance to collapse when I take every step there.

My vision turn purple, hearing turn very dull and muffed.
My head felt so light that it's impossible to know if I actually have a head.

Now in recovery position, it takes about a full 15 minutes to get back on our way.

Now this is a real close call as even though I know what I'm doing, this calls for action whenever we do "full" sport.

Now I can do normal activity, hope this don't happen later or again in future.


This blog will undergo upgrading process soon.
Date yet to be confirm lolz.

Code 3 custom HTML script.

Code 3 is a stable HTML custom code for bloggers.
It has a mixture of scripts that has been tested like hell.

Current version for Code 3 : 3.0

Kami Center 2

Kami Center 2, now using A.i.r 2.

HD viewers might be happy (or not) as it is not using the cross grid to navigate around Kami Center.

It is now separated and of course, glass and reflection once again.

My Brithday!

Finally! A big break and also my 100 post for this blog.
No more exams!!! muh hahaha!
Today is also the voting for US i think (current date @ US, 4.11.2008).
Found this @ the Blogger note.
Found this is meaningful.

I now declare Code 3 is here. lolz

Code 3.

The current code 3 is cross-browser friendly. =D
Finally, something that ACTUALLY meets my expection, or at least yours.
Still need testing.


Not that shopping meaning but shopping for scripts for my version 3.
Lots of scripts fail..this is a stinking limited blog...

Preparing to leap forward.

Leaping to a new script here.

Version 3, the lite weight code for blogs.

Comming soon.

Read the known issues for more details.


Seems that A.i.r design is getting abit slow.

I'm doing a tracing site for myself, that's why my interface designing, I mean A.i.r is designed slowly...

More to come don't worry. =)

Lolz advertise my own site.
Don't worry, no ads in there.

The new delicated tracing site!

Nuff said, I mean shown.

That link explains it all.

Anikino - kun

That's my nickname. Sounds nice?

BTW done setting up that blog.
Well now I'm focusing on my Flonne tracing.Cute isn't?

Problem with analytics?

erm...wondering that's a problem with Google Analytics?
Installed a tracking code and nothing happens...

STOP! lolz

Take this free and deface-ready warning sign.
Not really good design though..


OMG... (>.<) A.i.r Login screen has GONE TOTALLY WRONG!!! Actually wanted to "copy" from Infomatics but decided to do a rewrite but this time it's worst then Infomatics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x100 But the rest, menu and dockbar is ok. Infomatics demo might not be release to public. Or is it.. BTW the picture is larger then usual.
From Articina Interface designing

See? it's the worst login screen I have ever created!!!
Except the adorable Shana, overall design stinks!!
From Articina Interface designing

This is better~~ =D

Comming soon?

I thought I deleted my WordPress blog and it's still there.
Oh never mind.
That's the link, non-sensetical name.
There's nothing there too. Or is it..

*edited, lol it's opened. But pointless if you are reading this as there has the same post as this blog. Only combined. =D

Today event

A rush play of badminton.
Morning, my friend nick and I went to Safra Tampines and after before we did ACTUAL preparation after hand this early morning, nick were stun that it's for members only.

Well I knew that will happen and so we already did a plan 2.
So off we went to Tampines stadium and poof to a 2 hour game play, something we had never play that long before.

Well and in there, lots of pro players (not so N()()Bs are there too).
When we play in pro mode(tiring, damm tiring), it's really a breeze to play as it's indoor and no beams(beams as in the indoor court at my house), woot it's fun.

Well more to come soon.

The new game

I'm playing La Tale this afternoon, kiddy graphics but movement and concentration is not.
Simply put; a small and "copied off" version of Maplestory.
Fun and interesting, graphics are not really eye-candy but enough to waste time.

Another game I find is Albatross18. A golf game.
Sounds familiar and abit of thinking, Pangya!
And it IS Pangya, a slight rewrite of Pangya, change only alittle bit in there like the name og the game. All the same and nothing else.

All these games you can find @
Meet me there =D

Denied. =x

Permission denied for JP blog.
I find that it's a waste of time handling it while having the need to translating it back and forth.
Well till I have the free time then well... you know..

Omg..and lol

It seems that blogger has removed the secure functionality of the user control panel.

Dammed, that feature is nice. >=(

Why blogger... why.."crying in background".

Secure is good, so that our data isn't flying anywhere.

*I only realise that only today, no wonder I feel odd when they redirect me to google homepage with I type this a few days ago,


Now I'm trying to find a blog skin from this website, and it seems that some (I predicted most of it), don't work with my blog, I mean in my test lab.
Now I'm stuck with my old black design (yet original =D).

Anyway if you all are asking, why do I need a skin from there for my blog, well I'm just bored with my design (very high tech yet boring), wanted to try out something new.
Lazy to make a new one also. ~_~"


My blog CP. =D

My desktop then and now

Let's do the virus dance~

Well my Mcafee is about to expire and installed avast.
Now time to test all my anti-malware.
Using this.

Windows defender : Pass most
Avast free anti virus : Pass
Mcafee : Pass only some.

Big thing about the bug

Look here.
I really don't know where is the problem.

*Error, it's version 1.6c
A small extra coding that gives it another 0.1 and the C.

Improved script loading speed, bahbahbah and so on...except the bug fixes.


Using flash as a tracing slave, wonders come about.
New charactor(?).
I think so(or not) =

Oh ya, blog patched, other blog don't really need as no big bugs happening.


I have discovered that all of my blog got post view bug.
I mainly blamed on one of the scripts. (I want to murder that code!)

BUT the most surprising thing is the version 2 beta, which is not really ready, did not have that bug.

That leaves me puzzled. It share the same main core of the version 2 (then what for I add the 0.1 on it?) and it's bug free without I knowing or even doing anything stupid on it.

Anyway patching date might change randomly...
Sooner the better, but more work to do..=

Affected blogs...ALL!!! << WTF


Tomorrow is my last day in school (I can always come back if I want to)
And tomorrow is gonna be a super short day.
Tell me what to do?

A new way

Erm.. I mean a new way to use this blogger in secure mode.
I wonder how's that going to help me.. or you?

Do this,

Login and change the address bar to,

Difference is adding a s to the http.
This will change to secure mode and trust that your blogging secret will not fly here or there. However, this will slow down your speed. You know what I mean.

Do take note that adding a s to the http to your blog address will not make it secure. Example is.. click here to go to my school blog, with the https.

Comming soon....

The script 2.1, lol but I must say, might be one of the most reliable script that I ever customised and adding/taking away. (Just say > I <.. href="">here.
That script will be **patched/upgraded blog wide.

*Up to today...zz
**All of my related blog OTHERWISE stated.
***A hidden blog that is inaccessable.=)


Bugs still existed in the blog, after my o-lvl then settle. Takes about 2 or more days as no time and busy with something.
Kana--> What no time?! You play everyday~ lalala

Guy--> Lol my secret is out.
Dots and we have a enjoyable lesson today.
Commited this word in my brain, Boring.

Kana--> Shutup~~~

Guy--> Lolx.. =P BTW who are you?

Kana--> =x..

lol... =X

The version 2

Lol not interface designing but something...
Monochrome colours however, it's not completed and not really nice.


Finally everything is back to normal, thanks to Articina designing blog, which it has the most recent script from this blog.

So I still don't know what happen actually but I narrowed the problem to the drop down menu script.

There is a small bug but hey, I restored to the last usable menu state.

See this screenshot, EXTREAMLY BUGGY! After trying to find the problem, problem gets worse. This S*** stack overflow (known as "buffer" overflow in scripts) happens.
Stupid isn't?

ARH!!! (edited) Status

Bloody scripts block my post.
No wonder I cannot post anything.

Now revert then can.
ZZZ. Well back to square 1.

Stage 1 : Recovering last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:40pm

Stage 1.1 : Recovered last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:42pm
---Lol it's a 2007 backup =D---

Stage 1.2 : Recovering scripts. Time: 4:43pm

Stage 1.5 : Recovered version 2_beta Time: 4:54pm
---The most recent I can find the point of time---

Stage 2/4 : These few days I will try remove problemtic scripts from version 2.1a
---Means the one that I modify a few days ago---

More to come. Here. =)

*EDITED on 10:14 pm , problem solved.

The work (part 1)

Don't ask... just doing something out of nowhere.

Random stuff.

Part 2 (Still working on it)

Part 2 of my randomness.

More to go. =X

Wow twitter!

New look for twitter~
It's a real make over.
Unlike my blog.. =


Now it's done with the "thing"
End product is.. here


It seems that the Photoshop express is tight
in security, I mean in gallery.
Now beta is over~~ Then 2 or less of my gallery is lockout.

Although it's one click to unlock~

Lazy unlock =)
Kidding..once version 2.1 comes out then I unlock (Very busy) it's 10.13pm.. time to sleep.
I made another webcomic.

Photoshop sharing option is not a problem.. Problem lies on my laziness.


Lolz nice..

Photoshop express is no longer beta ( I saw at one glance the word beta is removed )
And I made my first stick comic. ( Based on real life experiences and ranting ) does not include my boring photoshop bahbahbah... NO time for that...

Link to my gallery @ phptoshop express and the web comic is at my school experience/personal blog.

Releasing Articina

Going to release Articina soon.
Beta still (like kanami)
Hohoho....password protected.
Only some are allowed to view it.
(Close-source;only friends)

My computer is all right..

Finally after puting up with the vista,
got back the xp but did not get the installation disk.
My dad bring my CPU to the repair shop and ask a guy to reinstall xp.

Some guy...
After N-lvl i Got To Go and get vista, who knows when I have to reinstall.
Although I hate vista, some things can't be help.
Some things..

Mark my words vista.. xp OWNED you!

My *new* avatar

Not Q but comments:Same wat...

A:No...Look closer..
I mean new as in new design, not that flipping but reflection.
Flipping sucks now...Now reflection rock.
Still Shana herself. =D

Q:So you like her?

A: Yes and yes and yes and yes. Cute


BTW my wallpapers for this blog (and other blogs) are handled by Photoshop express by Adobe.

This is what I get....

I doubt that they are really sorry...
Server down like 2-3 times in 4 months..

My vista blues...

I tried everything to get XP back...
So don't try to tell me to use linux or related here

The last resort.. Use vista.. screw them for high system requirements.

Status: Reformated HDD 11 times
Run recovery, including but not limited to...

ubuntu (Maxtor recovery disk) show my KDE desktop and nothing else.. how to recover?!? somemore live CD take so long boot up

Lenovo rescue and recovery <<<< BLoody sh** don't work after change motherboard.

Some recovery disk from lenovo ( Same result as above )

and into my com for 2 times.....

This make my blood boil...

My m***** f****** computer.
I wanted to reformat it...Then my doom comes..

Cannot be installed...
Just because i change my f****** motherboard,
it fails the whole process.....

Now i install vista, it's sucks.
wanted to make look like xp is hard...


I thought Photoshop CS 3 i a big step with my old and puny Photoshop 7.
Now I know that CS3 is also puny.

Off the uninstall!

Photoshop CS3 F*** off.

However.... The only big difference is the clean interface.. ( Like no difference, only different colors =P )

Ipod nano

It's here =D
Now saving $$ to get one.

The switch。。

I wanted to make a logo... or rather a symbol that represent my interface...

However. it seems that my PS 7 don't work with Japanese...

Oh ya the switch...

I switch from IE to safari... since IE is giving my problems....

I type my blog address (Which happens to be my name as well...)
My name in japanese hahaha..
Wtf...cannot off the language switch...

あr地品 ( articina ) interface... New name( maybe =D ) is.. かなみ ( kanami ) interfacing

This is what happens... is you go to べんじゃみねおんg。bぉgsぽt。こm


Having to read my friend blog, I saw this thing called common creative licence.
Quite interesting, so I gave it a shot.

Not so outstanding on my blog though...

*See very bottom..

Opened. Video page

My video page ( lol? )
Anyway exams are comming and I promised myself to not play computer games till N-level is over.


Yo hohoho....

Another downtime....
What they meant a few minutes....must be a few hours..


The nokia 5610 music xpress
ah...the sound/tone it delivers to my ears

And I'm not talking about music.
This phone startup tone is killing me.
My phone died twice (wonder how they have so much lives)
Bring back to the care center twice...
LETS pray nothing go wrong,
OR ELSE.. new phone is coming on the way. (lol)

So much for inconvenience that phone give me..

2rd part of it

It's a pdf file.
Enjoy =)


I'm still thinking whether I should maintain those blogs..

Because I use this "okok" translater...

Really.. i wanted to laugh when I translate back using google tools..

run = execution..
more errors.. =)
Oh ya check out the new and improve scripts..(erm faster loading time....)
The japanese one...

The work

Since I have free time (at nite), why waste time on playing? (which i quitted maple)


My blog looks smaller now.. =)
Loading time maybe faster now xD


Still admiring this....


This explains alot of my blog missing background...


that was the message from afternoon..
now this..