Christmas sales comes early, seeing a catalog makes me jealous of the low prices.
Some I see it's wooo~~ $143 for a office 2007 home and student edition and omg $5xx for a laptop with some freebies.

However apart from that, I have a serious things for my xmas "present". It's a necessity, new video card (since mine is integrated) and vista premium (since xp isn't on sale as OEM and although mine is xp, no recovery disk and reformatting could cost alot).

I know it's "M***** F*******"vista!??!?!" well it's cool... And I know I have issues with vista installed on this computer " No it's not vista problem but MY problems with vista, we just can't get along" and so I decided to learn "Hey I have VAST knowledge of the thing called vista" the difference between xp and vista " Mark my words, xp pwn YOU VISTA!!!"

Actually, why not switch to mac? Anyway it's coming @ 11.12.2008 right on my door step.. around that date..
No... really..... it's coming... i mean someone will deliever that mac... i mean the macbook sry...

Oh yeah wait... it can't run my windows apps...