Lucky Star - Weiβ Schwarz Trial Deck

- Lucky Star - Weiβ Schwarz Trial Deck 50 cards-
(Color enhanced by Photoshop)

- Lucky Star - Weiβ Schwarz booster pack cards -
(Color enhanced by Photoshop)

If I only can learn how to play it, I will be buying like 5 more booster packs
Soon I will PWN learn how to play those cards.
Luckystar FTW! See here.

Random Crap (Feb) 3

- Crap for the third time this month -

Okay... that's odd.

See the GPU memory usage. 11MB idle.
This is GPU usage after opening two little programs.

This two photo viewer program is causing the bloody increase of memory usage.

Image fixing guide (Fix a Jpeg compression quality)

- This file "teach" you how to fix a image that has lossy compression from a Jpeg file. -
- At the same time, it contains a template on how to selectively enhance the image color -  

Required software : Photoshop CS4 blog

After seeing that safari and my cousin house computer either does not show the static bar or it just screw it up, I know what is happening but fixing it will be freaking difficult (Unless declare a new DIV). I no longer have to put up with H5 header but to add as ITEM. Well I'm lazy in that... Not that I can't do it but I don't want to add that. *Postpone fix till March or get the GFX HD5570, which ever comes first.

*Edit: Seems that the problem is isolated in certain browser such as safari. Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox is showing the static bar well but it stills have a fault (My fault for using BORDER property) and so will be fix later on (Still). 

CNY day 1, the doggie

Cute =3
-CNY doggie, see this post -

Happy Lunar New Year!

Well it's the time of the year, 14th of Feb.

It's Chinese New Year!!! Time to get some red packets!! 

Oh wait... it's 12am now..

Changes in this blog

Okay, the visual looks okay... The menu is at the bottom top... Two underlying background... what's more...

Anyway that's the update for 2010; didn't do anything since November 2009..

- Camaria blogging design 2010 -

Safari, the menu bar looks corrupted... Looking for a fix (Wait forever LOL)
IE8 (Not sure about IE7 and below), BODY bg did not show, not a big problem.
Firefox, clean. No problem LOLOL. Best Browser... Thanks Firefox.

*Update: May move the search box to the menu bar 2.0 for ease of searching post/items.
After CNY: maybe release a public source code... just not enough time to do exporting...

- Barebone code, Camaria 1.0 CSS for Blogger template -

A new day (Lame title)

Oh yes! I ordered Azusa nendoroid today! Now waiting for June to come by. LOLOL MUH HAHAHA
Price: Est: S$54.40 , 3500 yen

In the unrelated update to my life,

- a new hand phone strap! now easier to whip it out from my pocket. -
Price: $21.90
decided to go one step further...
- The wallpaper is Kudryavka from Little Busters! -
Should have brought another strap for my another phone; I got two phone. LOL

Who can buy me this? Serious..(?)

Some life update

Apologizes in advance in containing words/post below that may or might be offended.
- disclaimer -
The containing post is not for 13 and below... Seriously. 
Also to people who love peace... Well no war inside. Just don't.
if you feel hurt (most likely won't) after reading this post, well I warned you

Random Crap (Feb) 2

Redo, Aristra

After keeping myself in a looooooop that Aristra is not going anywhere...
It's time to redo Aristra. Version 0.0.1 will be released sometime next week.

Yup, who need the story to play?
- Although the game name is the same, the save file is not compatible with the old Aristra. -

=Changes to expect=
- *Internal: Reorganized files, deleted unused images
- Solid no bugs (Prior to first release only!)
- New Windowskin, new character and everything else is new
- Home-made character creation page 
- Redesigned characters
- More to come...

=What not to expect=
-Different maps? Nope, Same name with a overhaul of the old one.
-Quest system? Same as always but different quest.
-Background process/events? Same with tweaks to lessen impact on the CPU performance.
-Database? Lets just say it's "copy and paste" from the old Aristra.
-Scripts? Look at the database. You get what I mean.

Expected completion date: Still July 2010...

Random Crap (Feb)

Aristra 0.2.1 (Unplanned release)

Aristra version 0.2.1 (No RTP data)

Notes: Before you extract that game, ensure you have RTP data.
If you installed the older version, overwrite the older ones with this.

Another link (Skydrive sucks in UI)

*RTP data is required to run this game.

If you do not have RTP data, you can download from here.

My reason for releasing this version

Including a SBS script and "Hotel" feature.
New options menu, giving more control over the design of dialog.
Updated status menu, giving bird-eye info about items.
Improved database and events.
A few bug fixes and some enhancements.

That's about it. Enjoy~  : )