Some life update

Apologizes in advance in containing words/post below that may or might be offended.
- disclaimer -
The containing post is not for 13 and below... Seriously. 
Also to people who love peace... Well no war inside. Just don't.
if you feel hurt (most likely won't) after reading this post, well I warned you

I am pretty isolated from the real world (Will change the next day though), and had not done anything "good" or something that may kick some ass in my life.

- Well my life is ACTUALLY outside-down now -

My ass had just got kicked by "unnamed" "school" (HARD)... Those son of the ****... Well I just don't understand. So now the alternative is to go to the ITE. 

- Yes, going to ITE and listen up "some school", YOU HEAR ME, ITE! ******* -
Not that I dislike ITE, well I never have negative thinking about ITE but the "some school" is referred to some bloody crap ** *** school far away from my home.

Well that's two bad words... I can't blame the polytechnic, sorry... The real source of the problem is the education system itself. Most of my former classmates for their asses kicked...

- PLEASE, just change the education system so that everyone can CONTRIBUTE to the society -


By the way one year extra can allow me to absorb data easier.
( One year for data copy, another is MD5 checksum ) Not a pun intended. It's never to be.

Do not have wild thoughts/thinking in this post.

Additional update: Overall, NOTHING is to be blamed but I just want to share you all something STUPID but true.

Calling of institution/numbers...
"school" "school": I do not understand why but why have a number that is automated AND redirect me to a number which can be dialed. BEST OF ALL is all lines is full/no one bothers to pick the phone up/line cut?

Republic polytechnic: Well though the worst Ok.. polytechnic based of most people I know (No offense..) but the service is the BEST and better then "school" "school".

"some important place" (Need no expansion): (Wanted to call for NIE thingy and other stuff) Call... press one.... okay... press this... press that.... Result? Please e-mail your inquiry or call this number.... Did not get the picture? The number they gave me is the number that I CALLED. Wow... Weeeelll the only effective thing to get my question answered is to go to "some important place" DIRECTLY... *Anyway I'm nearby at that time.

Apologizes again in containing words/post below that may or might be offended.
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