Redoing everything...

As you all can see here this blog looooook odd...
Very plain and it's a eyesore as there's no design or whatsoever.
Now it's undergoing a small update/upgrade in code functionality.
Some code has broken down and this is quite stable for a blog.
Please do give me feedback on this crap template( anyway it's not mine, it's a template from blogger=D ).

That top comment does not apply now!

Upgrading stage 1 @ 30.12.2008
Expected date completion, 1.1.2009. Woot new year! =)

Edit: Well it look so crappy that I have to revert BACK to this template! It's lawl...
Well enjoy! =D
PS this is the crappy design :



(See second picture)



What's in my head

Now I'm thinking what the fu** is wrong with my code.
This blog has a google analytics problem and my school blog has a code problem.

2 script failure in my school blog(OMG and it's obvious to any user...)

Well don't have time to debug that crappy thing as the base code is working fine...

Fu***** analytics, tried to "repair" but still no luck...

Funny name

The current name, Orcieina, really has no meaning.

Now thinking of what name to replace that but it must have this word "Ocean".

Formaly known as Articina, containing the word "Art".
For "Ocean", merging the ending "icina" is hard. "Oceanicina"? " Oceania"?

I don't know..

Redoing my tracing ways.


I found a better way of tracing. This might make my life easier and some of you might know this way...
The first picture is find edges.
The second one is of course it's the original one.
And so this simple processing can make life easier, or is it? =D

Getting better

I have finally finish my anti-biotic course and now on the road to recovery.

Still sick, most of my actvities are still limited...

Now coughing blood, prepared to take iron pills soon.. =.=""

Flipping madness?


Merry christmas!

And good luck for those who decided to do last minute shopping.

My presents got sweeter

I am running Vista, not the crappy Home basic but a Home premium.

Love the Aero interface. It's xmas eve and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Too bad that one of my works just did not arrive in time to show here.

Oh well see you soon.

Now recovering.

The media center if you play with it too much, it will 100% make you bored till you just want to close it.

Problem lol

Now blogging from a mac, I have alot of internet issues with my vista computer... LAN hardware not working TWO, wireless not helping much... well alot of things happens.

The day before xmas..

I still have to go to school ...

Day 5

Day 5 of sick. Sick of being sick. I'm really tired of being sick and I want to get better and not sick. Sick is sickening andit's really sick. lol

I must be out of my mind =P

EST: 25 cups of water everyday... LOL THAT"S REALLY SICK!! 350ml * 25 = 8750 ml.

Peeing every 1 hour lol

hahaha.. no really..

Spam.. what a luck...

This happen when I'm sick..


My fever has gone down and I'm feeling much better compared to the past few days which is a living hell. Chills and fever haunting you and sleepless nights can make anyone go crazy.

Well apart from that, I might just go to secondary 5 next year. Anyway, there's window of opportunity.

Next big update.

See this space @ Christmas.

The next big futuristic operating system interface designing, coming soon.

More sick ranting...

I'm seriously sick, fever raging me for several days... Well today I might try to get out of the house and get my result... I heard from a sources (my friend of course) that everyone is going to secondary 5 (except one of course). It's omg and I thought that about half of the class will be gone... Harzz the history repeats itself again... =(

The day before collecting my result.

Sorry for my poor spelling as I'm sick, with the highest fever temperature of 39.6 degrees.

Well I'm personally excited about collecting my result as this determines where will I go after that.

Continue secondary 5? Going to higher NITEC so that can go to poly second year after first year of NITEC? Or just work till I go NS (National service)?

My fate lies on tomorrow. Hope I recover of that nasty fever. My eyes and head fillwith pain, body aching. Why?

Yet another tracing.

Haha~. =)

Holy Crap!! It's my blog birthday!

My very first post is this I have switch from Live spaces to blogger on this date 13.12.2007!

It's also the "birth" of this blog. I'ma making a new logo for it.

Some pic.

Site disabled.

WTF my Articina google site has been disabled!!!!!! OMG....

Well there's another way....

Now what?

Did not get the macbook on time. I heard they might deliver sometime late....

24 Hours more!!

Macbook, I can't wait for it to arrive to my home, home delivery. Muh hahaha!

I will be back home around 6pm or so.

Edit @ 7:09pm
About 15more hours =33

Early christmas gift for students

It's a wallpaper, give yourself a treat.
It's made by me; charactors from Lucky Star.

Done and done...

Sad that one of my google site got ban..

What's in my mind~

Nothing really... other then finishing my Time Leap interface..
I have a good friend who pop by with donuts and we chat around to patch up the missing time we have lost during the holiday; I'm a busy bee.

Anyway, something happened major today. However I can't tell you what was that as it's private. Well wish that person all the best..

28 days later..

Hypoglycemia. Well I researched this term today and why and what happen on the 7.11.2008.

Harzz...Treatment for that is sugary food, PROVIDED that person is conscious and able to swallow. Well. qouted in wikipedia,

I agree to that, just pray that would not happen again. Thank that I have a damn sweet drink with me.

Recovery rate ranged from 5 min to 20 min. Hmm mine is 15 min.

Cycling aftermatch

Well we did not get to east coast beach via PCN path as my mother does not allow me to go there by cycling, so we cycle to the big pond and to par sa ris park. I know that my spelling sucks but it's quicker that way. Total distance, 13-15km.

Planing for something

Now I have to do calculations, pathway and preparation for tomorrow cycling.

Route : Tampines to Bedok Reservoir Park to East coast park.

Total distance : Ext 18km to and fo.
Sparing 9km to and fo pathways.

Crossing about 15 traffic lights. That's only a estimated.

Lol transparent desktop