One man team?

I am refering to this post

It's about the slow development of Articina. Heh... One man team. I can do it alone.
Now bored of coding in Visual basic, now on to Articina.

The day..

Did not get vista as they do not sell any piece of crap there. Why...

Anyway I got a Norton security suite for 3 pc. Cheap....
And installing takes only 4 minutes.... WOW...

Well vista, I gonna gat it some day...

Content browser

Actually, I wonder what it ACTUALLY do up to this date... Even though I made it.. It's still kinda of puzzle me..

Just run setup.exe and you are done. Just make sure that you extract everything and update your computer.

For support... for now it's MSN 1 on 1 chat.
Website support is not.. erm not done...

First coding?


On Pure desktop

See it's clean. As always.

What's in my mind~

Bored now...

This weekend I might tell my dad to get me vista if that offer is really so darn good.
So I might spam post if I get my hand on it as you know, vista and I have some issues...

Vista Home premium, Home basic like no difference.
But hey I love the Areo, I can do my project better too like Articina. Hehe..

What's in my mind~

Now it's 25th of November, a loomy month for me.
It's 20 days since my official freedom started.

37 days to school. I hope a surprise turnaround happen and it's a good one.

Now trying to think how to collect my results for N-lvl....
Going solo or with my parents, which MIGHT have abit of events going along the way.

I just wish that I'm transferred to some country and attending a academy there.
Where my talents shone like a sun there.

That's all for now...

Kami Center.

Well that's explains alot.


Christmas sales comes early, seeing a catalog makes me jealous of the low prices.
Some I see it's wooo~~ $143 for a office 2007 home and student edition and omg $5xx for a laptop with some freebies.

However apart from that, I have a serious things for my xmas "present". It's a necessity, new video card (since mine is integrated) and vista premium (since xp isn't on sale as OEM and although mine is xp, no recovery disk and reformatting could cost alot).

I know it's "M***** F*******"vista!??!?!" well it's cool... And I know I have issues with vista installed on this computer " No it's not vista problem but MY problems with vista, we just can't get along" and so I decided to learn "Hey I have VAST knowledge of the thing called vista" the difference between xp and vista " Mark my words, xp pwn YOU VISTA!!!"

Actually, why not switch to mac? Anyway it's coming @ 11.12.2008 right on my door step.. around that date..
No... really..... it's coming... i mean someone will deliever that mac... i mean the macbook sry...

Oh yeah wait... it can't run my windows apps...

Infomatics download

Here's Infomatics, enjoy...

Nice weather today

Surprising, it's hot and sunny @ Saturday afternoon.
A good time to play maple =P

Anyway here's what in my schedule, 24th of nov is my room packing day, very messy room to be packed + rewireing of my computer.

So for minor updates, visit

Things are comming to a snail pace

I know =
I had other things to do (Other then playing maple lol), like project BIKE (Yet to be known) and since it's holiday, why not enjoy the breeze (As if there's wind).

But rest assured, I will upload the so called interactive .psd files soon. This time will be batch upload.

Coming soon next week featured (not so as it's even started!) content, Articina Pure
"Relife the history todate." Quote by some guy@1915 lol that's not a link so dun click it

About me

Erm read here... Not here


You might not believe your eyes after you see that.

Take a look at the address bar.

Not the same URL.

Don't believe? Take at the original one

This is interesting
The following post question.
1) what would you do if there were prirings spawning in your backyard
2) what would you do if there was a spriggan in your backyard
3) what would you do if there was InvokeEX in your backyard

1a. Adopt as pets

2a.Screw them and sell them for profit

3a. AK47, no explanation needed

Click on the link for more details =)

Very WTF

From TheGuyThatBlogInYourCom

Well this notice is give 10 minutes before the server closure. Very f***** irritating right?

Issues about the patch.

Maplestory SEA

I am able to play that crappy game after several hours of waiting.
The new pirate job is fantastic and this time round, it's fun to play around despite of shooting only bullets and that's involves only one skills, there's a bit of realism in that.

Now level 18, 78%. Gonna be a Gunslinger.
Muh hahaha!!~~ =DD

Greated by this error

MapleSEA server sucks.

Or it's just their crappy code that exceeds the server RAM?

We do know that this happens all the time.
Note that it's clearly using Windows server OS. This things happens all the time website using Windows OS as their server machine.You might wonder why NEVER had this problem..
UPDATE: Now I'm being to wonder why, 2k ppl visiting the site OR the site is being under DOS for releasing pirate job....

What's in my head

Now I'm deleting 350++ post from wordpress to refresh with this blog and others.
Because of the tagging in articina, I HAVE TO REDO AGAIN.
And starting from now this blog will have tagggggggggggg thingyyy, why not redo anikino blog?

Omg twitter

Omgomgomg twitter is down.. =(

Food.. I'm a good cook.~~

Now on my head

I'm thinking of doing "Homemade" charactors instead of relying on other sources....
There's an example but not quite right and done in 3 minutes only.

Holidays are there to be waste with joy, not sadness or emo"ness".

Follow me on twitter for more details.
If not you can see the little box on the bottom right, that's my updates.
I won't be blogging that much as mini updates will be enough, rather then a big one.

A close call

It was a fine day, and we happily cycle thought Bedok Reservoir.
It all go well till my legs so haywire. My friend and I race through 1Km to and forth when
we go in reverse of the path, within 670m, I nearly lost control of my legs.
Then dizziness takes over me and I had to force myself to stop.
It's then I signal to my friend to stop the race and force myself to go the nearest resting bench.
Even so it's difficult to move myself there as I had a chance to collapse when I take every step there.

My vision turn purple, hearing turn very dull and muffed.
My head felt so light that it's impossible to know if I actually have a head.

Now in recovery position, it takes about a full 15 minutes to get back on our way.

Now this is a real close call as even though I know what I'm doing, this calls for action whenever we do "full" sport.

Now I can do normal activity, hope this don't happen later or again in future.


This blog will undergo upgrading process soon.
Date yet to be confirm lolz.

Code 3 custom HTML script.

Code 3 is a stable HTML custom code for bloggers.
It has a mixture of scripts that has been tested like hell.

Current version for Code 3 : 3.0

Kami Center 2

Kami Center 2, now using A.i.r 2.

HD viewers might be happy (or not) as it is not using the cross grid to navigate around Kami Center.

It is now separated and of course, glass and reflection once again.

My Brithday!

Finally! A big break and also my 100 post for this blog.
No more exams!!! muh hahaha!
Today is also the voting for US i think (current date @ US, 4.11.2008).
Found this @ the Blogger note.
Found this is meaningful.

I now declare Code 3 is here. lolz

Code 3.

The current code 3 is cross-browser friendly. =D
Finally, something that ACTUALLY meets my expection, or at least yours.
Still need testing.