Results: Biotechnology 2nd term

Oh well, reality is always worse off then dreams.
So.... I got 3.444444444444444444.... (Accumulative).
How nice. I expected the worse actually, like 3.2 or less.

yes I'm bored.

Not really a good copy...

Well, playing chocolate tycoon makes me wanna trace it. Well not really well done.

Closing blogs

Hold your conclusions, this ain't over here. I'm closing some inactive blogs (embarrassing amount) that I haven't maintain for quite awhile. The big news is I am closing my old secondary school blog so don't try finding it, you cannot find it, see it and crap about it. Well, nothing else, now move along now.

Coming soon, mamomi (hahaha...)

The ultra wide photo.

It is so long that I have to down-size the photo. The full size is awesome.

Just bored (Some crap that is not random)


Tools | Installment/Payment calculator (Updated)

Changes: More user friendly design, reviewed formula.
Nothing much... Just bored.

Waiting... (Bored)

Apart of this torturing holiday (unless I am doing cycling 24/7), waiting for something is simply isn't my cup of tea.
Ok... I am waiting for a new laptop (or a new paper weight) to arrive. I suppose there is no free delivery but the thought of waiting for it to arrive onto my hands (MUH HAHAHA) is simply nerve wreaking, just like the Macbook in 2008.

The new computer specs  
Quad-core i7 2nd gen i7-2630QM
500GB HDD (Presumably 7200RPM) Heartbroken... 5400RPM
14" 16:9 LED monitor
GeForce GT 540M 1024MB GDDR3
Windows 7 (As always, duh)

Intended to be my project computer, secondary computer and oversea attachment computer. (Late May)
*May not go oversea due to Japan disaster, praying hard for Japan because if I am not going to ______, I may go to Japan for community involvement stuff (Needs proposal, Ha...).

The next question is, what happen to my desktop then? Frankly, I don't know. In my room I guess...

Estimated time to arrive: 24 hours?
Edited (18-03-11): Well... Wait till next month. Haizz..

Even Hakase is shocked on the announcement of the laptop arrival.

Random Crap (Mar) Plus

It's holiday! (Sort of)

Just bored
Holiday = Boredom = Crap = More crap

*In background: A very old game... Just for fun. And for those that see the bottom right conner, don't comment that my computer is a noob; it just cap at 60 FPS. Without cap will probably go over 200...

Exams over and let insanity begins!

Guess wut, I am making a font!!! Well sort of.
Coming soon, I guess...
Well... That's all.. I'm just a novice... =P


Bird, nuff said'

Found it injured in ITE CE outside cafe 1. Looks like a eagle, cute. =3

New panoramic photos

Well to cut things short, visit and scroll all the way down for new images. Enjoy =)

Random Crap (Mar)

Not exactly crap... I'm just bored. =)
Custom Photoshop copy of Electric Love logo
I'm hooked to Vocaloid/Miku... =.="
*The "e" looks a little different from the original one (deliberately) shown on

Hint: May make Miku 2D high res image, if I have the time.

 Sketching miku...