Aristra - Preview version

Well unlike Articina preview screenshots, this is the acutal program/game.
- Technical data -
Version 0.0.9
Codename: Project8
Game completion: 1.1%
Aristra: 98%, 2% will be only after game completion.
Sopos - inland: 100%
Sopos - village: 20%, 80% working on it.
Training village: 0%, After Sopos Unplanned feature, may include after development
Database version: 0.2.4
Event version: 1.0
Map version: 0.4
Monster version: 1.0.2
And here's the download.

Size: 34.8MB
Version 0.0.9

Size: 34.9MB
Version 0.1
- Changes includes Camaria Ainime castle and design changes.
- Save data can be carried over to the new version.
There are no known bugs or glitches durning normal game play (That is if not using any Admin NPC).
Those technical specs applies to the first installer (version 0.0.9). Version 0.1 will be the last release for the game as a preview.

And BTW, there is alot of changes in Aristra so this post may not reflect the actual function and story of the current game.

And it's not her fault

She still says sorry anyway...

[>o<]!!! Nendoroid Konata

*A little update to my outdated blog =D enjoy
- Miku looking at... where? -

Miku: Presenting Konata (Tiny eh?), LOLing! xD


- Not sure if she's singing or what but the expression tells that she's happy about something.. -

*Where's the mic BTW?

Additional update: Making a RPG game called project8, do not expect much.

O-level lawlness

Stand for change hope...

That's where we stand up and go to the teacher and collect our result.
We are panicking (duh) and walk off with a relief, make it to poly LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL etc..
My turn... heart BPM is at 150...
Mrs shieh: Ok Benjamine, sign all the forms.
Me: (wth?) Okay... *Signing 5 forms
Mrs shieh: *Puts all poly-related stuff on my side of the table (Duh)
Me: (Where's my result slip?)
Mrs shieh: Here's your result slip
Me: Did I pass CLB? [DON'T LAUGH]
Mrs shieh: Ya
Me: Maths?
Mrs shieh: Open the thingy and see for yourself
Me: Okay...(That means bad news

Well glad that's over...

Here is the moment you're been waiting for...
*Drum rolls...
*Drum rolls...
*Drum rolls...
*Drum rolls...
*Drum rolls...


Pass 5 subject.
Fail 2 subject.
Total score...


Can't see? Too bad... LOL
Well that's that.


Hours before panic

It's about 4 hours till I get my fruits of "labor" (that means 1011 years of crappy education). It's the reality now... (I presume I'm watching an anime show that well... get over it in a few seconds) and it will determine our my fate of education (WHO THE HELL IS THE ****** THAT CAME OUT THE IDEA OF O-LEVEL?!?!) and that education path will lead me to life? No... I already have a life... seriously, WHY WE HAVE EDUCATION IN THE FIRST PLACE? Education is just a paper/wood/tree/earth that if one person cannot make a difference in the universe, then we are just like an atom, doing nothing, with or without education. WTH.

Aside from that, now I'm panicking. =3

*Education refines us but we refine education, fine but how did education get invented in the first place where education did not invent us first.

Lalala, one of my longest post for today this year month. Bye~

Zero hour is coming, 11-11-2010, 2pm

Zero hour is just around the turn.
Lets cut the crap and get down to the point.
*Feelings about getting the O-level result, one day before*
Walao, now I'm damn scared (even though it's one day later) just to think of the result. If it's a good point (Eg: 10-16), well it's time to celebrate. If mid point (Eg: 17-20), well I done my best.. time to move on BUT if above 20 points... OMG die ar.... ITE or NS? Routes are slim.. flip a coin? Hmm but I do hope I can get to the course that I want, Infocomm technology course in either TP or SP. (AND the course is 20 and 19 points respectively, LOL)
 *Feelings about getting the O-level result, after getting the results*
But seriously..

The next post will describe it all, that is if I really have the guts to post it...
(Of course I do, mean no harm duh..)

This post also concludes the "non-post" blog of my TPSS (discontinued), well after tomorrow it's really goodbye Tampines Secondary school, get good points then will get praises but if bad point, (Censored,Censored,Censored,Censored,Censored and Censored). =)

Last line: I need to get at most 15 points, not higher (Higher meant lower grade), that's all I asked.

It's 2010! Happy new year!!!

Apparently this is not a automated post compared to the Christmas post 6 days ago. Hehe

Now watching countdown live from the television, I mean on my Media center PC in my room that is =3
-On TV-
11:58pm Some ppl kept saying R U READY?!?! for about 5 times...
11:59pm Put away the back stuff and etc and 8 min fireworks
11:59:30pm, now count down.
12am! Happy new year! *About 15 fireworks now.