Aristra - Preview version

Well unlike Articina preview screenshots, this is the acutal program/game.
- Technical data -
Version 0.0.9
Codename: Project8
Game completion: 1.1%
Aristra: 98%, 2% will be only after game completion.
Sopos - inland: 100%
Sopos - village: 20%, 80% working on it.
Training village: 0%, After Sopos Unplanned feature, may include after development
Database version: 0.2.4
Event version: 1.0
Map version: 0.4
Monster version: 1.0.2
And here's the download.

Size: 34.8MB
Version 0.0.9

Size: 34.9MB
Version 0.1
- Changes includes Camaria Ainime castle and design changes.
- Save data can be carried over to the new version.
There are no known bugs or glitches durning normal game play (That is if not using any Admin NPC).
Those technical specs applies to the first installer (version 0.0.9). Version 0.1 will be the last release for the game as a preview.

And BTW, there is alot of changes in Aristra so this post may not reflect the actual function and story of the current game.

And it's not her fault

She still says sorry anyway...