Hours before panic

It's about 4 hours till I get my fruits of "labor" (that means 1011 years of crappy education). It's the reality now... (I presume I'm watching an anime show that well... get over it in a few seconds) and it will determine our my fate of education (WHO THE HELL IS THE ****** THAT CAME OUT THE IDEA OF O-LEVEL?!?!) and that education path will lead me to life? No... I already have a life... seriously, WHY WE HAVE EDUCATION IN THE FIRST PLACE? Education is just a paper/wood/tree/earth that if one person cannot make a difference in the universe, then we are just like an atom, doing nothing, with or without education. WTH.

Aside from that, now I'm panicking. =3

*Education refines us but we refine education, fine but how did education get invented in the first place where education did not invent us first.

Lalala, one of my longest post for today this year month. Bye~