Subtle changes, take no notice (Not MIA)

Been out of touch with my blog design (Boring) and added some new CSS3 gradient inside. Find it if you can/want.

No prize though; if you find it you have a sharp eyes.

900KB Free space on System drive, no kiddin.


No, that is not photoshopped (MS Paint for screenshot). Using a drive low on free space such as C:\ which contains crap as a scratch drive for Photoshop CS5 is not a good idea, especially doing 30k x 15k resolution PSD file by mistake... 45,000 Megapixels. Aspect ratio: 2.00:1

*I realized this when I minimize Photoshop and I quickly close Photoshop...

Oh great...

It seems that China blocks a lot of popular websites including this blog... Dang and I wanted to use blogger to post my diary. No Youtube, no blogger, no Facbook (Duh) and other stuff. Now watching for the ban status from different monitoring websites.

*I am not responsible for external links that may cause any form of damage or responsibility that may arise. The links are purely for informational and education uses only.

*Edit 1: Seems that "" is not blocked BUT "" domain is. Oh the irony...

*Edit 2: I wanted to give up hope of VPN as China blocks some populat VPN based on my sources, but my friend said he know someone that is using a VPN without issues. Don't know what VPN client he is using but there's hope. Hehe.. (27/4/2011)

This article is frequently updated. Stay tune. 

Oversea: Confirmed, just add plane.

Ha, just when I wanna go overseas for experience, it's confirm. Will be flying off next month and so... -Will be updated soon.-


Lawl, I am crazy now. I just felt the power of Intel Core i7 (didn't have the time to test it out fully). Video conversion is BAMM! 3 times faster than my Pentium Dual Core 2.93 GHz E6500 processor. In addition, the laptop battery life is fantastic, lasting 4 hours non-stop on video. It also plays with Photoshop CS5 very well in 43Bit. 5-6 times faster in photo-merge than my desktop. It's wow. The best is all this power is in a laptop..... Now I feel wasted on my desktop.... What a luck... Haizz..

Guess wut...

Core i7 is feeling nice though Acer should work on the boot up process like lenovo and the battery life is kind of nice, with a monster processor getting 3-4 hours of juice (Custom battery mode) running at low 750MHz per core. Low heat output and quite quiet. Weight is ok, like a 13.3" notebooks. The only complain is the scratch-prone super glossy screen. I took a screen cloth and it already made it's mark on the very first hour of owning the computer.

Now next is the oversea program is pretty much confirm(almost), that's all.