McAfee siteadvisor bug?

Yo hohoho. Bug? My blog is so secure? Actually yes... but =\

Oceania 2 | Light phrase With Firefox

Firefox logo is a trademark of Mozilla Firefox.
LOL nice right? =D

Oceania 2 | Light phrase

Oceania 2 Light.
Coming soon =3
Or is it...

Class T-shirt

This post should not be here but never mind about that, I going to get my class T-shirt soon.
It cost $18 (WOW EXPENSIVE). Featuring a dragon logo and a custom name. And the name is... you guess it, Anikino! LOL my nickname given to myself though not used very much (or even used openly). So if you see me wearing that class shirt... well you know..

Blogs updated with a whole new look.

This blog undergo some visual design upgrades and some enhancing fixes (LOL).
As well as the other blog they went the same process as this blog. Header and footer changes
Border as well. Bahbahbah.

Anyway stay tune to Code4 a.k.a Konakanami finished version.

For the preview of Code4, go to this blog (Not using finalized version).
My school experiences blog =P. Not some demo blog.

Koof "tracing"

All done by the humble tablet. =D

First Tablet drawing.

I write this post on the tablet too! =D

Hello tablet!

I am using a tablet to write this post. I just got it @ Tampines1 Quite cheap.

The new N-Logic processor. Lawl.

Nice? It's done in 20 minutes (I know it's long for a simple thing like this). Who ever need help (people I know) in Photoshop (not filter effect, I suck at that), come to me.

Hello Facebook.

Now in Facebook, interesting apps, intergration of currency. Reminds me of maple.... @cash... lol