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Copyright information

Using of any material is well, use it so long as you do not claim my works as yours. You are encourage to credit me or other owners of the material that you use here, though it is not a requirement to use the materials here. [If you claim my works as yours, screw you till you are so screwed to be screwed any further, no offense to the ones who comply my simple rules here]

Please note I do not claim or accept any liability/damage/head explosion/mythbusting style disaster/bricked iPhones/rickrolling/lawsuit/crime/great depression/world war/ FBI come knocking on your door/PWNAGE/losing WOW/kittens death/screen damage/idiots ruining your day/noobs flooding in your computer/missed payday/[insert custom depressing moments] when using any materials originating from my blog/website/nowhere for your own personal/commercial/private/public use.

It is forbidden to use any materials on Anikino blogs and/or related websites for commercial gains without an expressed permission from the blog owner himself.
Any potential/immediate commercial usage of materials related to Anikino blogs and/or related websites may be subjected to copyright law based on your country. For more information, read Section A, B and C below.

  • SECTION A | Materials that are copyrighted (See special labels below)
  1. -All designs by articina design studio (with some/none/all materials as a reference)
  2. -Any image or code that has [anikino] word in it
  3. -Any material that is related to the blog owner (designs).
  4. -Any post containing relevant copyright information (Obviously)
  5. -Any post containing the following labels/tags/keyword - /EMBEDED
  6. -Has the following: *This image is copyrighted, usage without expression from owner is prohibited. 
  7. -Blogs and/or website that contain copyright information anywhere and are created by me including but not limited to:,,, and This list is not exhaustive and this information is automatically applied when user is arrived to this page via any forms of communication and the website is affiliated to me (anikino).

Some materials are copyrighted and as such, you are not allowed to use it.
Materials are not to be sold/resell without any proper permission by me/author.
If materials are sold/given to you with permission by owner/author, you are not allowed to resell without expressed permission from the original owner/author, otherwise it's yours to keep but copyright stills resides to the original owner/author (me!).

  1. -Any image that do not fulfill any of the above condition.
  2. -Any material that is explicitly stated for fair and open use
  3. -Any material that is already under Creative common license, that is already open for all
  4. -Any materials from the net call "G00gle" saying that (stuff) is for everyone to take. (LOL) 
  5. -Any materials that is "copyrighted/copylefted" with special permission notes on post/pages
  6. *Depending on the notes, it is usually license under [Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives] and materials will be for educational/reference uses only and requires a link-back (where applicable/possible)  to any materials used to reference.
  7. Projects that are related to the owner are allowed to acquire the materials without expressed permission so long as the owner is related to a organization, friends, family and known ones.
All materials that do not fulfill the requirements to be copyrighted, they are automatically given the Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license. To spare you from their lengthy words here's what in store for you, any materials that is under that license cannot be sold for cash/money/exchanged with items. Also you are not allowed to alter or modify the materials that you are using. When possible you are required to link-back to my materials as a thanks (not forcing you though).
  • SECTION C | Materials that are free to use for anything or whatever (No control)
  1. -"Do you think this world is totally free? I wish it is. =D"
  2. -Well otherwise stated, rules applies from top to bottom. No freebies, moving on...
  3. -And another line, read line one of this "free" thing.
  4. Anyway, this free for all applies to non-DMCA items. Well that's life... 
  5. Really want free stuff? Read section B part 7.

Special labels (Important, important, important)

/EMBEDED- Post(entire) or post(content) containing items that might point/lead/contain to a copyrighted materials.
[Do not tamper, distribute, mishandle, extract, copy, misuse or anything related to violating rules and laws. Improper inclusive of copyrighted content should contact the owner that manages that offensive post.]

/MESSAGE- Blog or site message that requires public to be notified of an critical/important/major/informative event.

/SERVICE- Blog or site major event like downtime, lock or maintenance. Other events applies.

/Help - Self explainable, it shows help to anywhere or anything it has.

/Support - Post containing /Support as a label contains vital support information to author or a specific subject. Goes with /MESSAGE and/or /SERVICE. 

Major: Edited date: 1/8/2011 Revision 3.7 authored by anikino 
*Added commercial usage information for blog materials.
Minor: Edited date: 11/2/2011, Corrected spelling errors =X