Photo/Touchup | 20/11/2010, Black Rock Shooter

A touched up image of Mato, in BRS~

Unedited image of Mato.

*Either way, it looks cooler when seeing it face to face, not a image. =3

Preview | Kyuro Shinki

Been busy (From AFAX last Saturday) and going out for something.

Anyhow, updated my Kyuro Shinki CSS and it's just beautiful.

Pure CSS (except the background), no freaking images to enhance my blog.

You can dig inside to find out more. (Yes it is plain, intended to be plain for now)

AFAX 2010

Coming soon... I mean posting soon
A error 404.... =|

Microscropy | Photos =P

Images for educational uses only.

A image of E.coli

A image of S. epidermidis

new pages, new stuff and new rules

For newcomers and regulars, please take your time to read this first 

Well that's life.

Subtle changes, take no notice

Well being away for awhile, I did a change in here. 

Major changes
-Try to click and hold images in any post to see what happens.
-Visit any pages to see what happens (Except the Pink! theme)

Minor changes
-See my CSS, the same but different (Duh)
-Heavily optimize the CSS to fit on most browsers (HTML5 can wait)

In any case, it is all CSS3 and some "hacks" and stuff but HTML5.
Soon.... I hope to hop on board on HTML5 and full CSS3 compliance. 

*Edit: Hijacking default Blogger template CSS in progress. 
-Blogger widgets control (Archive list done, see left)
-Page and post (In progress, planned)
-Hidden elements (Planing)

What it means: Controlling certain CSS elements that "normal template" do not have. Try view source!
Blogger is stingy anyway, so I have to control everything I can see. =P

Photos: clean and green singapore 2011

Some photos taken with a phone.

Some exhibit on display

 You guessed it!

A photo shot of PM Lee with a group of student ambassadors.

I took a good shot of well everywhere but can't release all of it.

Copyright notice: Images in this post is copyrighted by anikino, no reproduction of images is allowed.  

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