Ok, back to square one.

I tried to import my http://my-life-at-tpss.blogspot.com blog and it failed, best of all, I IMPORTED the wrong blog, Articina designs. It's now LaWlIng ^^---^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~o```````````~~~o


Well... instead of archiving the school blog, I mirrored the wrong blog (To delete the post is a chore, trust me).

Oh well...

Tools | Installment/Payment calculator

Some of my crap that I do during my free time.

Details: This tool calculates the amount you need to pay over  months and also adds interest/discounts/rebates into the price you add. This tools will help you to calculate almost anything you need in a flash of a second.

Well cheers and have a good day~

Merging of blogs.

While it's Christmas now, there is a bit of a sad news.
[ http://my-life-at-tpss.blogspot.com ]  is closing from this day onwards.
All post will be merged into this blog and that will be the archived post.

Well so much for festive season.
Now merging.

Merry christmas! And a post card?

- Oh the irony... -


Merry Christmas my friend! *In Singapore time, GMT+8

It's 12 a.m in the morning and sooo awake that I'm gonna turn in now.

*Sing a song for this festive season, sha la la la la, la la la la
It's 12 am in the morning, sha la la la la, la la la la
Breakfast in bed, go out early, sha la la la la, la la la la
It's the season of big sharing, sha la la la la, la la la la

WTH. LOLOL =3=3=3=3=3 =w=w=w=w o.o.o -. : )- o.o. o._- o.o"

Mini-update: Getting a Wii.

Today my bro gets his very own first game console, a Nintendo Wii.
Got it at a cheap price, $39X at Simei. Wow, and my bro is jumping with joy, not me.
After intense Wii sports (The Wiimote is at the edge of flying out by my bro's hands), it was fun, very fun but got only two games, Wii sports(Duh) and the F1 2009. 

Well that's about it today.


* I will try to get the pic but it's late and duh, need sleep you know. =3

Photo/Collection | 22/12/2009 - An expensive dinner

- A6 sized .jpeg photo. -

Photo/Collection | 27/11/2009 - Dinner with all(?)

- Click it! It's about 0.2MB, A4 size .jpeg image.-

Nendoroid: Konata Izumi

- Packaging -

- Well? -

Still felt that the anime is better then anything else.

Wow? Hey it's Singapore! =D

Don't click this!

konoto!, now in Blogger template style

I recently upgraded this blog code from classic template (easier but boring) to Blogger managed template (fun but hard to use, screw it). A few glitches around (copy and paste and some crap fixes) here; classic template to Blogger type is a major move, not everything is 100%.

Well if not all but most of the item is just right here, I will try to get used to Blogger template or otherwise, move back to classic template (Yay!) but cuts the fun (Boo..).

*Previously, Divan (The a.k.a v5 for the Code3 {square}), includes blogger thingy but there's a problem, the content is running all over the place. With tons of failures (what), Divan is ditched. About the HTML5, it will be progressively be.... upgraded to (konoto!)?

konoto!   ,   revamped, redesigned, rewritten and now in blogger managed code. Web-browser friendly.

Some random stuff about my computer.

- New computer -

- Acer nia, budget yet powerful (The second most powerful computer is MacBook, Core2 Duo 2.4GHz)-

- Powered by Windows 7, startup time is less then 1 minute. Wow... -

Specs: Windows 7 Home premium, HDD 320GB, 2GB RAM, Intergrated NVIDA GPU, Intel Pentium processor 2.93GHz Dual core (Wow, compared to my old CPU; AMD x64 Athlon 2.2GHz).

Anyone wants juice/coffee?

- Yup, it's 100% juice (With added sugar) -

-Yeah, black coffee. Not bad. -

灼眼のシャナII ねんどろいど シャナ 炎髪灼眼ver.

Wahlao sia... (Singlish) *Click link on the blog title

Shana is (damn) cute in Nendoroid form. Lol

Wishlist for xmas. *Actual wishlist at the bottom (click to read more)

  • Get konata Nendoroid figurine. (Made and located in Japan(duh); I know a place) *That picture.

  • The rest of the Nendoroid "series" (Erm read above quote). Link?   More? Need more?

Shopping starts this week and the next, see more details.

*WTH 6950 yen (for Shana), unless complete collection, it's expensive *Update, the shop does not have Shana, need to wait....

 I don't have to wait for another anime event just for this next year, woot~~ lol and kidding. 

Eh? Wishlist? Did I say that?
Oh... the word upstairs...

Pangya shot calculator v2

Pangya calculator v2, version 1.5

-Includes average data and wind calculation (Experimental, with risks).
Password: 123456789

Shot calculator (Pangya)

Nothing else better to do. Works for PC and PSP alike. (Same)

If you lose the game because of the tool, too bad.
*Shot tested and it works. Condition for testing: Wind lvl 1, flat ground, flat green area.

- This spreadsheet is created by Office 2010, it may cause problems in Office 2003 and older -

Password: 123456789


Some extras (Konoto! portable design)

- Working on some new ideas (Expect a .PSD file like the one post below) -

Recent inactivity

I'm having a personal life problem and maybe away for weeks.

*Personal record of "no life", now @ 6 days.
Facebook is deactivated, no more updates as well.