With Google Earth/Maps, you can go anywhere

I read a article about a woman suing Google over bad direction on PCworld.
Kayaking across the Pacific Ocean is good exercise, why not jet-ski across to US?

Some changes (again..) here

A minor change to the navbar, cloud of tags at the bottom of the blog and some code fixes (Finally). Reported only 14 errors in CSS (Actual is 40+ but that's outside code from blogger, not konoto!) in W3C.org validation. I cannot grantee error free code (some are not recongnised by W3C but a "workaround code") but that is a lowest for konoto! CSS.

Now back to game development and some studying...

As for now, version 3.9.3 is stable. You can check out the source.

*Sidetrack: Ah...Divan version 5. The first direct port from classic template to blogger-managed template. It failed and it's thrown into the trash can. The final classic template for blogger is Neko! 3.7.3 and it's rusty.

Game:Hina Mira RPG idea is fixed.... sort of

Though I have schooling and stuff that is practically useless, Hina Mira RPG idea is finalized. 
The game though is not finished yet (not even basic map), it has a updated databased and finally, variable query option is working....

You can download by clicking on the top link....

Today: Some weird day...

Today when I went to the bus stop to catch a bus (ride on it...), waiting for 12 is taking it's time and so I took a feeder bus to Tampines interchange. Getting on bus 31 is well, a long wait. Queuing at the rear of the line of 150+ students is bit ridiculous. When I'm just about to board the bus (2 pack buses later), the line replenish to another 150+ students. The irony or the morning rush... I don't know but the only thing I know is that is happening every weekdays.

Next is going back home. Not unusual that we miss a bus but walking back home is another thing. We are talking about 1.2 Km walk @ 40 degrees heat 11am sun. Lets throw in a pair of black pants and the sauna is ready. 

*For those that wonder who is "we" mention on the second paragraph, it's me and my classmate, Hwee Ling.
We are just friends.... and it is her idea of walking despite living in the west. =D
The girl below looks like you, Hwee Ling! LOL
Looks like Hwee ling! xD

Changes: Back to the basics.

Well I am not a frequent blogger; tied up to school almost everyday (except weekends of course) and well decided to reduce this blog to no header and footer. In most cases, whenever I blog, there will be a high-resolution image popping out of nowhere and so to increase the loading speed, removed some elements. 

*There's a way to hide the images by inserting a javascript and I chose not to use it; it is laggy and in some cases, buggy and a pain to put into it.

Now... back to stuff... biochemistry(?) and biotechnology.

# ********* **********, screw yourself thanks.

Not a happy day.

As the title implied, I am not happy with my day today.
First is my body ache. Yep, some may complain that well they have body ache and so on. I understand. See my bones, gotten some test A's and B's and that is the good reason that my body ache more then some. Oh well... Leg pain for a few days; recovery till Monday. That is what I am not happy about.

ITE CE Event (Late posting)

Extra: More Wide-screen things... or so.

 itunes visualiser, 62 FPS
Windows Flip 3D, extra wide of course.

Wide-screen is not enough.

Desktop Aero flip
Battleforge, medium quality settings. Average 25FPS, max 60.1FPS, min 19.5FPS
iTunes 9.1 coverflow, nice huh? =D (Princess Party Vocal Album)

Fixed a problem in Eyefinity (Catalyst 10.4) and now I am rocking with two screens. =3

(I am busy till the next holiday; no blogging till then)