Not a happy day.

As the title implied, I am not happy with my day today.
First is my body ache. Yep, some may complain that well they have body ache and so on. I understand. See my bones, gotten some test A's and B's and that is the good reason that my body ache more then some. Oh well... Leg pain for a few days; recovery till Monday. That is what I am not happy about.

Next is the "dry" practical. Boring.

Third is the highlight of this post. I know someone. He is in my class. Well he is unpredictable; quite spontaneously young adult. I am not in the mood. During the "crap" practical (because it is boring), we did some outlining on a square-poster sized paper. I came about to see a part of his work. I saw an error. He did not correct it. I tried to explain to him. He said that it is correct because the lecture says so. In theory, that is wrong.
Bunsen burner when in use of air-hole is open, flame is BLUE not orange. I understand heat it lightly but the flame color different is a BIG difference. If you are reading this my dear friend (I sincerely apologizes for forgetting your name again...) To heat gently, the air-hole must be CLOSE and the color must be ORANGE, not BLUE or other color that is not clearly visible. Thanks.

PS: Heat gently there is many ways. But remember, close = low temperature flame, open = high temperature flame. DO NOT GET IT WRONG! Do not get mad about me. I did not try to pick a fight. But it seems that you are inviting a fight... I am sorry if I offended you but if you are angry/mad at me, please get your theory right.
No one is perfect, just unique (Not to a point of insanity). Let me repeat this, I did not try to pick a fight. Peace. No one wants war (No guns, bombs or whatsoever), remember world war 2? Well that's deadly.

Hey... That is a rather long post. =)
Another thing to rant about, MY BLOODY ASSIGNMENT. I understand if a student copy (easier if on computer) but writing it just... well hard. Another thing, what the F___ is cloudpoint? Didn't the Internet invented to share information. I rarely see the theory of cloudpoint. Come on Internet... Or rather the community, share the knowledge. (Library seems to be the better idea now.... screw Internet) 

Anyway, happy CE-ITE days. "Insert your quote here"