Pathline 0.0.4x release

Finally, a version that is"playable" and well, good for early release.

There are bugs but they are "hidden" while I fix them in later release.
*Skills are not done yet... Please wait for the next release.

Image usage: Some images used may not be made from me. 
I do not claim full copyright of this image and thus images used are based on free usage.
(It means "no charge to use" and "no need to ask permission")

I would like to thank this website that well, make games better.

Website that make Pathline more "colorful"

Game engine (scripts, internal works, whatever)
(For some reason they ban my IP for no reason, first time visit immediate ban... )

The game should be done on November. I know it's long but I am talking about one man team making the game and still have to go to school and have a life to use.

Status: Development is halted for awhile but deadline will be the same. (28/6/2010)

Fixes: If you cannot play the game, you may not have RTP runtime package installed.
To get the runtime, go to to download.

Game development: Going well but...

To some it's "what is that?" post but to me it's important.
For frequent readers, I have "made" games and it's either not completed or canceled.

Now in development, Pathline 0.0.3

Party quest (Where did I hear that from?)
Custom menu that adapt to quest/event changes
Enhanced color map thanks to Photoshop
Level overdrive (Can level up to 500!)
Enhanced map (No more crappy maps)
Better database (Reorganized old, create new items)

More to come...

Details: Project Hina Mira
Game name: Pathline
Game database core: Camaria 8

Where's the game?
You can request the game by E-mailing me. I will send you the game when possible.

*Now working on the game as quietly as possible...
Reason for not putting on file hosting is variance of the completion of the game and the image resources is HUGE.

File size (Est): 70MB
Click read more for latest updates

Summery: For the past few weeks till now,

It has been a rough ride this past few weeks, test and test and replacement class and funny schedule and whatever.

Digging down my calender, I did a presentation about cloud point. Not something which I like or love but I have to present it; lacking of man/woman power at that time. My lecturer commented on my presentation as (how should I say it). So all ends well.

Next is the extra class on the following Friday. That Friday is weird because the lesson is to PLAY board games. Oh the irony. Well good thing that it is fun but the bad thing is we CANNOT go home till the lecturer wins (wth).

Next is introductory chemistry practical test. We were suppose to do in either a pair or a small group. Quite not as what I expected of a test. In the end it all ends well.

Now come to the dreaded part. On the 10th of June, it is the starting day of the PC show at Suntec conventions hall. All went well until I climb down a flight of stairs at Tampines MRT station. I suffered a catastrophic sprain that sent me limping in pain for hours. To imagine how bad is the sprain, think of your foot twisted in a full 90 degree angle when it happen on the stairs. 

Well here I am now. Enjoying the sprained leg....

New screen! =D

 iTunes coverflow
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iTunes windowDesktop =D

Resolution: 1920x1080
Screen: SyncMaster B2330 *Woot!

Screw 18.5" acer screen, now it's 23"
Well actually the old monitor is good..