Summery: For the past few weeks till now,

It has been a rough ride this past few weeks, test and test and replacement class and funny schedule and whatever.

Digging down my calender, I did a presentation about cloud point. Not something which I like or love but I have to present it; lacking of man/woman power at that time. My lecturer commented on my presentation as (how should I say it). So all ends well.

Next is the extra class on the following Friday. That Friday is weird because the lesson is to PLAY board games. Oh the irony. Well good thing that it is fun but the bad thing is we CANNOT go home till the lecturer wins (wth).

Next is introductory chemistry practical test. We were suppose to do in either a pair or a small group. Quite not as what I expected of a test. In the end it all ends well.

Now come to the dreaded part. On the 10th of June, it is the starting day of the PC show at Suntec conventions hall. All went well until I climb down a flight of stairs at Tampines MRT station. I suffered a catastrophic sprain that sent me limping in pain for hours. To imagine how bad is the sprain, think of your foot twisted in a full 90 degree angle when it happen on the stairs. 

Well here I am now. Enjoying the sprained leg....