Draw for fun.

It's crappy, it's lame and it's noob. It's done in 4 minutes and with no experience or whatsoever.


Well I showed my parents something and I kept my limbs and head. That's a very good thing to say as there's a bit of unexpected thing happen. Not in a position to say anyway.


___Hope will come to the one who determines to do it, even it's a unexpected failure.___

9:50pm GMT+8

Signing off, Anikino

Some random crap 2.

More crap, just click it.

Some random crap.

Crap, click to make it bigger to fill your mind with crap. =D

Be cool--

Today is a cool day, ok.. it's a cold day.

Rain pouring @ 24 degrees and when fall till night, it's 24.6 degrees.
Well at least for over-clockers, one cup less liquid nitrogen to do the job.

New wallpaper.

Somehow this makes my blog look more sleek and professional.
Now it looks like metal. =D

It's all the same though. Same code and same base. Just different ideas.

Well there's my backgound if you want to use.

est page size, 350KB or less(base code including images)/more(content)
It take awhile to load on slower computer. PNG + JPEG.