I'm ready for 2008!

Wishing everyone a happy new year!

Check this out~~again?

What is this....

OMG!! hahahha~~~

here's the link

*because embedding cause the "widgets" on the right to mispositioned + the auto-refresh feature on the site do nogood on the embedded video... go watch it in a new link~~

Windows Sky drive is here(?)

I'm about try and see if it works, i'm talking to myself.....

Merry christmas people!

Merry christmas and have a happy and a new life in new year!
http://benjamineongjp.blogspot.com/ Japanese version! or..
http://benjamineongcn.blogspot.com/ Chinese version!

Yo check this out~~

I made a "clone" of my blog in japanese version... so see and be awe by it...

(which is still under construction)

http://benjamineongjp.blogspot.com <<

I am so bored!!

I am so dammed freaking boring on saturday nite @ home(i usually at home...)

So i make this for fun(again with my no-sense things)

Passing time...

I like or rather love photoshop but i hate the tedious task i need to do during a school competition...especially that involve A4 size template...

So today i came to youtube homepage and i saw this little tumbnail, and i click as quickly as i can(i see must die die click it if IT interest me....) and it did...

you must see his profile and watch the video.. http://youtube.com/profile?user=joeiancg.
His "video tutorial" is so well done that i fell in love with it...(just joking ok?)

A refresh post

/test top right POST
/test top left POST
Don't mind this post, it is just testing the new HTML thingy.

What is this post?
This post shows out all common characters and to also checks for text and object overflowing outside the container. You can ignore this post.

/test bottom right POST
/test bottom left POST


Look here dudes...

I recently format the computer to speed it up(lots of crap and rubbish in there...) and so upgrading may delay...
I found this in my back up drive and maybe post it up to show off( LOLZ).

Just joking....this is preettty easy to do....(maybe?)

oh ya i post this entry with picasa...so no link to photobucket...(sad)

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Making my work come alive....

From the graveyard of course.... I'm been finding deep in my storage hard drive and poof here is it....
Pure photoshop+no fx effect....maybe little surprising for you all...
I use only one tool called the gradient.....that's all....
And now i'm trying to find out how i ever did it....

The itunes design(?)

I know this stinks......and it's not new(it's one of my old post at the old blog)

Just comment on it ok?

Planing a day to upgrade(or upgrading now)=P

The upgrade of this blog(can say move house from live spaces to here) will be done in a few weeks time. So this blog may have script bugs that i did not configure completely( or "misconfigured" code). The functionality at this point is stable and so please comment about the blog(you can comment about the bugs u may encounter, although code bugs "here" are very rare....)

Now Upgrading.... look at the top right to see if it's done upgrading.
(THAT need to modify the code itself)
Refresh if the "thing" time out or if you can wait..

The theme for this xmas...

Seems that i;m all into black and my friends agreed to this colour,

this is the theme for xmas....

The black edition LOL. =x

Read here you people~~

I have Moved(?)
That needs no explaining.....
The old blog link is here..