East Coast, a 20km Route.

It's to and fro to east coast via bedok PCN route.

It's a good way of experiencing leg pain and other crap that you don't wanna think about.

Along the way, I fell. =P

Surprising, the degree of my fall is enough to cause broken bones for most people. Not me. Hehe xD. Now having scratches, both legs, both hands.

KonaKanami, it's beta.

It took some time for me to refine it's looks during the hellish month.
Just glad it's onto the final development stage.

Hmmm.... we have a problem sir...

If you can read this post without anything trying to block your view, then you are using IE7/8, otherwise, it's Firefox or Safari.

Somehow or rather, the footer misplace from it's lowly position, rather odd. I will get to that soon and do hope it does not cause any unhappiness about the blog issue.

*Edited, Fixed... it's done.

Windows Vista, Meet Windows 7.

Vista : Hi Windows 7.
Windows 7 (W7): Hi Vista.
Vista : You look different.
W7 : Of course I am different. I'm on a portable laptop.
Vista : There's more to it, do tell.
W7 : I'm a Mac and running on Macbook. I PWN your world in terms of performance. So shutup.
I do note the Windows 7 RC is much faster then Windows Vista. Fancy boot screen and stuff like that. Maybe it's the Macbook. Apple<3.

Rushing to study. Rush time.

I tested myself. That's my "answer".
I am memorizing the A-maths stuff and when I check against my newly made notes, it match perfectly.
Hehe... 30 handwritten formula in case if you can't count right since it's all mess up.

It took me 30 songs or 2 and the half hour to do this stuff. Don't think I can't apply it, I can. =D

Doing some test here.


Furama buffet restaurant

I went there for dinner.
I took...
4 plates worth of food. (Almost everything they serve, about 20 types of food to choose, I took around 18 of them)
3 cups of tea ( 2 cups without milk, the last with milk)
2 desserts (Ginkgo nuts with sago soup and grass jelly with shredded ice)
1 bowl of soup (Duck with salted veggie. ZZZ)

And 3 cups of water.

All in my stomach.

Full yet have room for more.

Time to go.

Went back I went for a leak.

It was nice to have a buffet dinner there.


The food is...

Great I suppose but...

I would rate it as...

Average. =

Since it is a buffet,

You can guess the price.

It's a hotel. And... guess.

Playing around with HTML.

It's labour day! Holiday~~~

Now to make my blog look abit nicer.
And now doing experimenting a new line to add on into the link section.