Furama buffet restaurant

I went there for dinner.
I took...
4 plates worth of food. (Almost everything they serve, about 20 types of food to choose, I took around 18 of them)
3 cups of tea ( 2 cups without milk, the last with milk)
2 desserts (Ginkgo nuts with sago soup and grass jelly with shredded ice)
1 bowl of soup (Duck with salted veggie. ZZZ)

And 3 cups of water.

All in my stomach.

Full yet have room for more.

Time to go.

Went back I went for a leak.

It was nice to have a buffet dinner there.


The food is...

Great I suppose but...

I would rate it as...

Average. =

Since it is a buffet,

You can guess the price.

It's a hotel. And... guess.