Not that shopping meaning but shopping for scripts for my version 3.
Lots of scripts fail..this is a stinking limited blog...

Preparing to leap forward.

Leaping to a new script here.

Version 3, the lite weight code for blogs.

Comming soon.

Read the known issues for more details.


Seems that A.i.r design is getting abit slow.

I'm doing a tracing site for myself, that's why my interface designing, I mean A.i.r is designed slowly...

More to come don't worry. =)

Lolz advertise my own site.
Don't worry, no ads in there.

The new delicated tracing site!

Nuff said, I mean shown.

That link explains it all.

Anikino - kun

That's my nickname. Sounds nice?

BTW done setting up that blog.
Well now I'm focusing on my Flonne tracing.Cute isn't?

Problem with analytics?

erm...wondering that's a problem with Google Analytics?
Installed a tracking code and nothing happens...

STOP! lolz

Take this free and deface-ready warning sign.
Not really good design though..


OMG... (>.<) A.i.r Login screen has GONE TOTALLY WRONG!!! Actually wanted to "copy" from Infomatics but decided to do a rewrite but this time it's worst then Infomatics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x100 But the rest, menu and dockbar is ok. Infomatics demo might not be release to public. Or is it.. BTW the picture is larger then usual.
From Articina Interface designing

See? it's the worst login screen I have ever created!!!
Except the adorable Shana, overall design stinks!!
From Articina Interface designing

This is better~~ =D

Comming soon?

I thought I deleted my WordPress blog and it's still there.
Oh never mind.
That's the link, non-sensetical name.
There's nothing there too. Or is it..

*edited, lol it's opened. But pointless if you are reading this as there has the same post as this blog. Only combined. =D

Today event

A rush play of badminton.
Morning, my friend nick and I went to Safra Tampines and after before we did ACTUAL preparation after hand this early morning, nick were stun that it's for members only.

Well I knew that will happen and so we already did a plan 2.
So off we went to Tampines stadium and poof to a 2 hour game play, something we had never play that long before.

Well and in there, lots of pro players (not so N()()Bs are there too).
When we play in pro mode(tiring, damm tiring), it's really a breeze to play as it's indoor and no beams(beams as in the indoor court at my house), woot it's fun.

Well more to come soon.

The new game

I'm playing La Tale this afternoon, kiddy graphics but movement and concentration is not.
Simply put; a small and "copied off" version of Maplestory.
Fun and interesting, graphics are not really eye-candy but enough to waste time.

Another game I find is Albatross18. A golf game.
Sounds familiar and abit of thinking, Pangya!
And it IS Pangya, a slight rewrite of Pangya, change only alittle bit in there like the name og the game. All the same and nothing else.

All these games you can find @
Meet me there =D

Denied. =x

Permission denied for JP blog.
I find that it's a waste of time handling it while having the need to translating it back and forth.
Well till I have the free time then well... you know..

Omg..and lol

It seems that blogger has removed the secure functionality of the user control panel.

Dammed, that feature is nice. >=(

Why blogger... why.."crying in background".

Secure is good, so that our data isn't flying anywhere.

*I only realise that only today, no wonder I feel odd when they redirect me to google homepage with I type this a few days ago,


Now I'm trying to find a blog skin from this website, and it seems that some (I predicted most of it), don't work with my blog, I mean in my test lab.
Now I'm stuck with my old black design (yet original =D).

Anyway if you all are asking, why do I need a skin from there for my blog, well I'm just bored with my design (very high tech yet boring), wanted to try out something new.
Lazy to make a new one also. ~_~"


My blog CP. =D

My desktop then and now

Let's do the virus dance~

Well my Mcafee is about to expire and installed avast.
Now time to test all my anti-malware.
Using this.

Windows defender : Pass most
Avast free anti virus : Pass
Mcafee : Pass only some.