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Anikino 2008-2009

Small note

I rarely blog, true but I might post something in my other blog such as this and that > .

It's prelims but hey, I need a break too. =)

*Some random info, all items are powered by CSS3 and effects ARE rockin with CSS3. No Javascript. No pun intended, really, no Javascript (with the exception of twitter and really, that to query the tweets only).

Now on wordpress!

Just another day at wordpress.

Well I have setup a host and install wordpress =3. What you see is a mirror of this blog post.
For now.... I don't know... Later~

My blogger HTML history

It might not be long (Not a long winded person on the net) but I'm going to summarise what did I do with HTML.

I used a blogger template and saw it as wow, I never thought of that before but it was lacking of something… ah ha! The blogger Nav bar, it's annoying! Let's get rid of it!

Then it was not enough, and then there came the JavaScript. Gradient fading, cursor tails, time and date title bar, expandable menus and etc. The birth of version 1 (after 30 tests and 14 days) was born.

Version 2 was nothing of more then an extra JavaScript addition. Text overflow and Image overflow occurs and displace the sidebar. Solution was to remove the offending object and soon realised that temporary was not an answer to all.

Version 3 (codenamed Rei) was then introduced; bigger content space and less usage of JavaScript and user-friendly text colour and line divider and etc and etc. However, it was not a big upgrade from version 2 as most of the base comes from version 2, nothing new at all though there was improvement in several areas such as loading speed in the HTML template and the code was easier to see. But soon the change will come soon.

Version 3.1 was a special release, fixes many of the problems; the biggest problem was object overflow and it's fixed and several JavaScript errors. It was over taken by Version 3.5 extended. Now the magic happens.

Version 3.5 extended do away most of the JavaScript used for effects and with the user-friendly editing fields for editing of course. Light weight means shorter loading time and any error occurs (example of a bad code or wrong things or something like that), it's easier to find rather then going through a forest or ocean to find an object. Also support Asian languages too.

Version 3.6 is the next version 5 idea, now.

Now my blog is using version 3.7.1, Neko edition and from {square} family.

Neko means cat in Japanese but there are no cats here so do not bother finding one.

Neko feature Nav top bar, effect in CSS for heading and other control (like twitter widget=3) and other crap that do not need to use image to reproduce that same effect. Nuff said for here.

It is tested the most, 95 revision, 50 days and counting.

Now, Konakanami
Version 4, it discontinued. It is basically a strip down version of version 3.5 to mod in into different blog and because of its crazy design, porting into blogs need time. That's why I never used Konakanami in my main blog but in . Do note it has downgraded to Neko, no longer using Konakanami and my interface designing blog upgraded to Neko too. To setup and apply custom settings into blog takes less then 2 minutes. Wow…

Now coming soon, Version 5 Divan. HTML5 and CSS3, fully loaded, fully prepared.

Looks like Office Word mess-up this post badly, Oh well.. =D

Blogging from Microsoft Word 2007 and Neko {square} info

It's LOL! MS word for blogging.

It's quite awhile that I post something out of ordinary.

Neko {square} looks great, now with CSS3 but there's one problem, IE (From prehistoric IE6 to IE8) has problems rendering the styles correctly.

To all, please do not use IE6; it DOES NOT support alpha transparency in .png files. Get Firefox please.. Unless you are dictated to IE, use IE8.


Neko {square} receive praises from my friends and known ones; the big notable so called feature is the navigation bar.

I effectively remove image to make a effect (other than the footer, bg and header) for the navi|gate and place a border with item alpha transparency to get the "somewhere" the same effect as what you get in image files.

Each post has its own border and sidebar have one too. Nothing impressive but the change is very big compared with Konakanami, version 4. Neko {square} is version 3.7.1 from Rei, 3.5.1 admin version =3.


The upcoming will succeed over Neko {square} and Konakanami, Divan {square} version 5 with HTML5 and more CSS3. Hehe stay tune~


Code3 version 3.5.3, Rei, 17KB (Exclude custom links, navigation, image links, etc)

Neko {square} version 3.7.1, 16KB (Include
custom links, navigation, image links, etc)


The size goes down every time I make an "upgrade". =3

My desktop

my desktop

I’m sure there will be comments by my known ones. LOL