I'm still thinking whether I should maintain those blogs..

Because I use this "okok" translater...

Really.. i wanted to laugh when I translate back using google tools..

run = execution..
more errors.. =)
Oh ya check out the new and improve scripts..(erm faster loading time....)
The japanese one...

The work

Since I have free time (at nite), why waste time on playing? (which i quitted maple)


My blog looks smaller now.. =)
Loading time maybe faster now xD


Still admiring this....


This explains alot of my blog missing background...


that was the message from afternoon..
now this..

Check this out.

I started using twitter which i think it's useful making small post..=)

At time same time i also found this online tool that reports you the uptime and down time of your server.. =D cool.

and i use the free online tool to TEST this blog and it's the 2rd fastest loading time within the 4 blogs...(school and other 2 language...)

And.. the 2 other language takes the LONGEST time to load.. and my school blog takes the fastest time to load all elements.. haha..

Comming soon......

More ShEcKeTs and photoshopping done this month since i quit maplestory and time to migrate to " some better to do while i'm ahead" method.. wondering how's it will help me in my studdies...

anyway here is a simple example of how nuts i can get...

Come here..

Visit this... anyway YOU have nothing to do =P