AFA11 photos

Hmm, where are all the photos? It's all over there, picturomatic. Click to view them in wordpress.

events for this month and beyond

Just a heads up if what I am going to do.

A bump post

This is one of the lonely post for this October, till AFA11 I will not be adding anything new here; school's in.

11.11.11 AFA11

Only 12.11.11 I will be free.

deactivating stuff

It's that time of the year, removing old stuff. Now, removing old blogs and development blogs.


Seal off my history of TPSS, well no one visits it anymore.

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Well that's all, Oh lastly, too.

~Here you go people, shutting down sites. Heh... Now the remainder will be this, articina and picturomatic. Three of it will not be shutting down anytime soon or later.

nendo wall

CCG Expo 2011

CCG Expo 2011
Well it's up now. Go ahead, let the cute girl lure you in. =D

Inactivity (Again)

It's been awhile. I have been busy with work. Yes real work and I cannot devote some of my time in blogging or even playing computer games or explore youtube updates. That's how busy I am now.

Wake up(1) > work(2) > eat(3) > sleep(4) > ^Repeat cycle from (1)

Oh, in case you are wondering about the fate of this blog, fret not. It will undergo complete overhaul(!) and a refresh of post and photos. Just don't forget me, drop by this September 2011 and have a good day.


*Little note: I am Noumi crazy now... What the crap?

nendoroids from shanghai!

Noumi welcomes me back to Singapore!... Oh wait she's with me from Shanghai...

I wanted to add a meaningful comment but the iPhone 4 apparently has red-color issues...
Will be adding CCG Expo (Animation expo) soon. The China version of Anime expo.

Check out for timely updates.
Hey! I never knew Shanghai is that small. :)

Yo... At 10000 metres from the ground.

hey ya~


In-flight. Lawl.

Well the location in the air is estimated... cannot use GPS on board of course.

Will be away, bring memories here soon.

Didn't notice? I will be flying off soon and hopefully I have a blogger access.

*Duration, one month. Updates will be on demand on either immediately or on the weekends.

Updated Panorama

Added some new panorama pictures, and this blog will be inactive till.... 1 week later(?).

Subtle changes, take no notice (Not MIA)

Been out of touch with my blog design (Boring) and added some new CSS3 gradient inside. Find it if you can/want.

No prize though; if you find it you have a sharp eyes.

900KB Free space on System drive, no kiddin.


No, that is not photoshopped (MS Paint for screenshot). Using a drive low on free space such as C:\ which contains crap as a scratch drive for Photoshop CS5 is not a good idea, especially doing 30k x 15k resolution PSD file by mistake... 45,000 Megapixels. Aspect ratio: 2.00:1

*I realized this when I minimize Photoshop and I quickly close Photoshop...

Oh great...

It seems that China blocks a lot of popular websites including this blog... Dang and I wanted to use blogger to post my diary. No Youtube, no blogger, no Facbook (Duh) and other stuff. Now watching for the ban status from different monitoring websites.

*I am not responsible for external links that may cause any form of damage or responsibility that may arise. The links are purely for informational and education uses only.

*Edit 1: Seems that "" is not blocked BUT "" domain is. Oh the irony...

*Edit 2: I wanted to give up hope of VPN as China blocks some populat VPN based on my sources, but my friend said he know someone that is using a VPN without issues. Don't know what VPN client he is using but there's hope. Hehe.. (27/4/2011)

This article is frequently updated. Stay tune. 

Oversea: Confirmed, just add plane.

Ha, just when I wanna go overseas for experience, it's confirm. Will be flying off next month and so... -Will be updated soon.-


Lawl, I am crazy now. I just felt the power of Intel Core i7 (didn't have the time to test it out fully). Video conversion is BAMM! 3 times faster than my Pentium Dual Core 2.93 GHz E6500 processor. In addition, the laptop battery life is fantastic, lasting 4 hours non-stop on video. It also plays with Photoshop CS5 very well in 43Bit. 5-6 times faster in photo-merge than my desktop. It's wow. The best is all this power is in a laptop..... Now I feel wasted on my desktop.... What a luck... Haizz..

Guess wut...

Core i7 is feeling nice though Acer should work on the boot up process like lenovo and the battery life is kind of nice, with a monster processor getting 3-4 hours of juice (Custom battery mode) running at low 750MHz per core. Low heat output and quite quiet. Weight is ok, like a 13.3" notebooks. The only complain is the scratch-prone super glossy screen. I took a screen cloth and it already made it's mark on the very first hour of owning the computer.

Now next is the oversea program is pretty much confirm(almost), that's all.

Results: Biotechnology 2nd term

Oh well, reality is always worse off then dreams.
So.... I got 3.444444444444444444.... (Accumulative).
How nice. I expected the worse actually, like 3.2 or less.

yes I'm bored.

Not really a good copy...

Well, playing chocolate tycoon makes me wanna trace it. Well not really well done.

Closing blogs

Hold your conclusions, this ain't over here. I'm closing some inactive blogs (embarrassing amount) that I haven't maintain for quite awhile. The big news is I am closing my old secondary school blog so don't try finding it, you cannot find it, see it and crap about it. Well, nothing else, now move along now.

Coming soon, mamomi (hahaha...)

The ultra wide photo.

It is so long that I have to down-size the photo. The full size is awesome.

Just bored (Some crap that is not random)


Tools | Installment/Payment calculator (Updated)

Changes: More user friendly design, reviewed formula.
Nothing much... Just bored.

Waiting... (Bored)

Apart of this torturing holiday (unless I am doing cycling 24/7), waiting for something is simply isn't my cup of tea.
Ok... I am waiting for a new laptop (or a new paper weight) to arrive. I suppose there is no free delivery but the thought of waiting for it to arrive onto my hands (MUH HAHAHA) is simply nerve wreaking, just like the Macbook in 2008.

The new computer specs  
Quad-core i7 2nd gen i7-2630QM
500GB HDD (Presumably 7200RPM) Heartbroken... 5400RPM
14" 16:9 LED monitor
GeForce GT 540M 1024MB GDDR3
Windows 7 (As always, duh)

Intended to be my project computer, secondary computer and oversea attachment computer. (Late May)
*May not go oversea due to Japan disaster, praying hard for Japan because if I am not going to ______, I may go to Japan for community involvement stuff (Needs proposal, Ha...).

The next question is, what happen to my desktop then? Frankly, I don't know. In my room I guess...

Estimated time to arrive: 24 hours?
Edited (18-03-11): Well... Wait till next month. Haizz..

Even Hakase is shocked on the announcement of the laptop arrival.

Random Crap (Mar) Plus

It's holiday! (Sort of)

Just bored
Holiday = Boredom = Crap = More crap

*In background: A very old game... Just for fun. And for those that see the bottom right conner, don't comment that my computer is a noob; it just cap at 60 FPS. Without cap will probably go over 200...

Exams over and let insanity begins!

Guess wut, I am making a font!!! Well sort of.
Coming soon, I guess...
Well... That's all.. I'm just a novice... =P


Bird, nuff said'

Found it injured in ITE CE outside cafe 1. Looks like a eagle, cute. =3

New panoramic photos

Well to cut things short, visit and scroll all the way down for new images. Enjoy =)

Random Crap (Mar)

Not exactly crap... I'm just bored. =)
Custom Photoshop copy of Electric Love logo
I'm hooked to Vocaloid/Miku... =.="
*The "e" looks a little different from the original one (deliberately) shown on

Hint: May make Miku 2D high res image, if I have the time.

 Sketching miku...

Exam nearing = lower blogging activity

God-speed for humans in education system.

Nendoswap =)

In harmony, Miku and Azusa welcomes you.

Trying on Miku =3 face on Azusa body.

Trying Azusa formal face on Miku HMO.

Warning, not all faces can be swapped, try it at your own risk 
(May damage Nendoroids parts when forced upon)

Anyhow, just be creative with whenever you have.
Used here: Azusa and Miku HMO version.

WOOOT! Welcome HMO Miku Nendo!

Haw haw haw! =3

picturomatic, a new place for my photos

Man that is a nice logo.... *mouth drooling....

Mah, just another one man project by articina, nothing excited about. The logo looks kinda of cool... *Going to copy from picturomatic.... Hehehe.. Okay... just joking.

picturomatic is powered by wordpress and so no kick-ass blogger here. Nuff said.

Screw that... More wide-angle photo

Notice: This images are copyrighted and for your EYES only. Distribution on any media other than this blog and my project blog is not allowed. All ownership goes to me, the one and only mighty overlord of this blog (and his networks).

(Logos that do not belong to me shown below are copyrighted to their respective owners)

What a view! =D
Marina Bay Sands Shoppes interior (Logos shown are copyrighted to their respective owners)

Some photos used in my project.

Notice: This images are copyrighted and for your EYES only. Distribution on any media other than this blog and my project blog is not allowed. All ownership goes to me, the one and only mighty overlord of this blog (and his networks).

The skypark view. Nice

You can see the buildings that makes money (No pun intended).

The wonderful view of the entertainment hub.

The pathway to giving money to...... make a guess...

Coming soon... project8

As what it is la bahbahbah!@#$%^&*()___)(*&^%$####@@@!@#$%^&*
Scratch that...


Okay... This one man Articina team is not enough, he's making another one called project8.
Articina will be focusing on designing stuff and such (Being lazy here), while project8 will do the dirty work like photography, game making (code), website coding (anything as long as it is not related to design) and other crappy no pay guy will ever get.

Summery, Articina will do the high class job of designing anything that is 2D-3D while project8 will handle the other crap work. (Nice going one man team...)

A flooded basement


A flooded carpark basement. Heh, it's only 5 centimeters high...

Random Crap (Jan) Plus


Thought it up from a iPhone game.

Finishing up Project Management website....

Bored today, doing another website for my group project.

The blog or rather "website", is running on a actual copy of Kyuro Shinki except it is used as a website, not a blog so it's kind of fun to play around with the possibilities of that Camaria 4.0 which is still in development.... and my deadline is around the conner... Sigh..

Random Crap (Jan)

5 Points for correct guessing of the character above

Drew some random stuff... bored that is.

It's 2011! Happy new year!!!

HOLY OMG IT'S NEW YEAR!!!!!!11!!111!

The last photo of 2010 being posted on my blog. =3 Cheers~