Waiting... (Bored)

Apart of this torturing holiday (unless I am doing cycling 24/7), waiting for something is simply isn't my cup of tea.
Ok... I am waiting for a new laptop (or a new paper weight) to arrive. I suppose there is no free delivery but the thought of waiting for it to arrive onto my hands (MUH HAHAHA) is simply nerve wreaking, just like the Macbook in 2008.

The new computer specs  
Quad-core i7 2nd gen i7-2630QM
500GB HDD (Presumably 7200RPM) Heartbroken... 5400RPM
14" 16:9 LED monitor
GeForce GT 540M 1024MB GDDR3
Windows 7 (As always, duh)

Intended to be my project computer, secondary computer and oversea attachment computer. (Late May)
*May not go oversea due to Japan disaster, praying hard for Japan because if I am not going to ______, I may go to Japan for community involvement stuff (Needs proposal, Ha...).

The next question is, what happen to my desktop then? Frankly, I don't know. In my room I guess...

Estimated time to arrive: 24 hours?
Edited (18-03-11): Well... Wait till next month. Haizz..

Even Hakase is shocked on the announcement of the laptop arrival.