konoto!, now in Blogger template style

I recently upgraded this blog code from classic template (easier but boring) to Blogger managed template (fun but hard to use, screw it). A few glitches around (copy and paste and some crap fixes) here; classic template to Blogger type is a major move, not everything is 100%.

Well if not all but most of the item is just right here, I will try to get used to Blogger template or otherwise, move back to classic template (Yay!) but cuts the fun (Boo..).

*Previously, Divan (The a.k.a v5 for the Code3 {square}), includes blogger thingy but there's a problem, the content is running all over the place. With tons of failures (what), Divan is ditched. About the HTML5, it will be progressively be.... upgraded to (konoto!)?

konoto!   ,   revamped, redesigned, rewritten and now in blogger managed code. Web-browser friendly.