Subtle changes, take no notice

Well being away for awhile, I did a change in here. 

Major changes
-Try to click and hold images in any post to see what happens.
-Visit any pages to see what happens (Except the Pink! theme)

Minor changes
-See my CSS, the same but different (Duh)
-Heavily optimize the CSS to fit on most browsers (HTML5 can wait)

In any case, it is all CSS3 and some "hacks" and stuff but HTML5.
Soon.... I hope to hop on board on HTML5 and full CSS3 compliance. 

*Edit: Hijacking default Blogger template CSS in progress. 
-Blogger widgets control (Archive list done, see left)
-Page and post (In progress, planned)
-Hidden elements (Planing)

What it means: Controlling certain CSS elements that "normal template" do not have. Try view source!
Blogger is stingy anyway, so I have to control everything I can see. =P