Redo, Aristra

After keeping myself in a looooooop that Aristra is not going anywhere...
It's time to redo Aristra. Version 0.0.1 will be released sometime next week.

Yup, who need the story to play?
- Although the game name is the same, the save file is not compatible with the old Aristra. -

=Changes to expect=
- *Internal: Reorganized files, deleted unused images
- Solid no bugs (Prior to first release only!)
- New Windowskin, new character and everything else is new
- Home-made character creation page 
- Redesigned characters
- More to come...

=What not to expect=
-Different maps? Nope, Same name with a overhaul of the old one.
-Quest system? Same as always but different quest.
-Background process/events? Same with tweaks to lessen impact on the CPU performance.
-Database? Lets just say it's "copy and paste" from the old Aristra.
-Scripts? Look at the database. You get what I mean.

Expected completion date: Still July 2010...