Bugs...in blog

After seeing that safari and my cousin house computer either does not show the static bar or it just screw it up, I know what is happening but fixing it will be freaking difficult (Unless declare a new DIV). I no longer have to put up with H5 header but to add as ITEM. Well I'm lazy in that... Not that I can't do it but I don't want to add that. *Postpone fix till March or get the GFX HD5570, which ever comes first.

*Edit: Seems that the problem is isolated in certain browser such as safari. Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox is showing the static bar well but it stills have a fault (My fault for using BORDER property) and so will be fix later on (Still). 

Oh well... I'm lazy and  the looks of the ITE application webpage, I pretty sure that I'm going to Biotechnology or Infocomm course. Well hope for the best for my education future. =)