ARH!!! (edited) Status

Bloody scripts block my post.
No wonder I cannot post anything.

Now revert then can.
ZZZ. Well back to square 1.

Stage 1 : Recovering last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:40pm

Stage 1.1 : Recovered last made backup. (lol) Time: 4:42pm
---Lol it's a 2007 backup =D---

Stage 1.2 : Recovering scripts. Time: 4:43pm

Stage 1.5 : Recovered version 2_beta Time: 4:54pm
---The most recent I can find the point of time---

Stage 2/4 : These few days I will try remove problemtic scripts from version 2.1a
---Means the one that I modify a few days ago---

More to come. Here. =)

*EDITED on 10:14 pm , problem solved.