Disaster happened.

It was a good for a walk with my friend and well, it has dark clouds. So we decided not to walk and instead I went to his house for a cup of coffee (sugar overdrive). True to my prediction, it rained. After drinking coffee, I received a phone call from my mom, saying that my block is on fire (WHAT THE ....). And so true to what I heard, there's smoke (indicating fire duh), I rush to the scene and OMG there is a fire, on the second floor.
*I live at the same block but different floor.

Lots of people is crowding around taking photos and fireman rushing to the scene, putting out the fire (When I got there, it is reduced to smoking but fire exists inside.)

Well it seems that no one got hurt at that time.

*(I concluded that it is a electrical fire, though the whole house is on fire; the main fire source is from one of the rooms.) 

Well that's that.