Note that it is by design that Links code to be hidden. This notice is updated @ 9.1.2009. Sorry to waste one post lenght which Important infomation can be added instead.
"This is an announcement to notify all visitors that we have a problem with the 'links' code. However, overall experience will not be affected. Thank you for your kind understanding."

I wonder why girls pop out of no where...
ANYWAY isn't that announcement is done in the previous post?
Details: Sidebar Links section fail to load when opening a post page."h2 class="sidebar-title">> Links" and other multiple code failure." The newly renamed title had caused the problem.
Solution: For visitors this problem should not affect overall experience while viewing this blog as it only occurs only when viewing individual post pages only.
It can be reverse by restoring the proper Blogger template default code for "h2 class="sidebar-title">> Links" and other affected code. Javascript and CSS is not effected by this problem.

Thank you for your kind understanding for this minor inconvenience.

Note: Refer to this post,
Code 3 is not supported by blogger and the code does not really comply with blogger "standard".