Bored, cause I am.

Going to list some of my updated requirement for tech gadgets, from phones to music player to computers.

Cause I'm bored, I can to do it.

Phone requirement

  1. -5 Mega pixels, no less.
  2. -Storage, either 16GB fixed or 8GB + expandable storage
  3. -Screen, can read will do, like 3.5" and above
  4. -Sensors, as long as it is not crap, will do
  5. -GPS, not really a must though I do get lost (0.00001%)
  6. -Wifi, as long as it is not as crappy as Omnia 2 (Wifi fails sometimes), then it's ok
  7. -Music playback must be smooth
  8. -Video must support at least 480p, no less (Quite a loose requirement)
  9. -Input, multitouch if no physical keyboard. Resistive, I need keyboard.
  10. -CPU, as long as it is fast, will do. (Not like Omnia 2, 800MHz lags over 650 Mhz iPhone 3GS)
  11. -Weight, I am not carrying a brick thank you.
  12. -Battery life, talk time 12 hours or more. Like Omnia 2 (Not now, battery dying)
  13. -No crapware inside (iOS and Windows Phone 7 is a good choice)
  14. -OS, from apple, microsoft to RIM. Screw android.
  15. -RAM, not crapper than 256MB Ram will do.

Phones that fit most of the requirement (Other then Omnia 2)
  • -iPhone 4 (Woot!! wait.. no Xbox live? oh well... I don't use that)
  • -HTC HD2 (Hey wait....New?)
  • -Not omnia 2 (cause the requirement is mainly on that...)
  • -Any Windows phone 7 that has 16GB and above. < Heh..
  • -Blackberry torch/storm/etc/blender/crackberry (I am not sure about it).