A whaaaaaaaaaat post. Google "new" policy

See this? Yea..
This is my post post here in 2012 and it begins as a rant to that pic above...
Let me pick a few stuff up and translate to my own terms (my views about this policy).

*Disclaimer: The rant that I am going to say out is purely my own view and opinion. If you feel distress, angry, sad or whatever negative emotions. If you disagree on my views, well sorry you are not me. If you are on Google side, do not continue. But since you are reading this you will most likely to read on. Enjoy.

Point 1:Tailored for you
I feel that Google should not integrate my experience using Google product and services. "Tailored for you" actually means we shall put ads that you will likely to click, no matter what services you use. Unless it is unifying the products like youtube+blogger or something like that. And also, stop collecting my data. What are you, stalker?

Point 2: Easy to share and collaborate
"Duhman" terms: All of your personal stuff will be made public once you select the wrong sharing button. Whaaaaat.... And do you sell personal info? If so, count me in so that I can buy back my personal data. =.=

Point 3: Protecting your privacy hasn’t changed
Since when you protect my privacy? Oh, that's why it hasn't changed for the better.Keeping my data and what, make my experience more personalized? Come on, how do you make money then.

Point 4: Understand how Google uses your data
See point 3; there is no privacy at all. And no, I will never understand how you use my data.

Well that's it. It is just a kick start of the year 2012 for this blog.

Edited: 25/2/2012, some additions.