Period of inactivity...

Bored, compared to last year it was quite a lot of post that I made.
This year is... yes boring because there's no school (Not started till 12th of April).

I got what I want this year... (With a bit of friction with my parents...) and well no need to wait for months...

Now about the blog.
I may make another "blogskin" or A.K.A in my terms, CSS.
(Oh boy, not another crappy named CSS with crap code...)
No, it will be rewritten into "pure" CSS3 < (Not lying)
My decision into CSS3 is because of Internet Explorer 9 (OMG IE WTF!) Well I know it's IE (Impressive Evil) but IE 9 really wow me to that if it were to launch now I will switch to it (That is if Firefox stays 3.6 or so..).

Well so much for typing crap...