Summery for past few days.

I am rather puzzled, after getting a new motherboard from Samsung CS for my i8000, I have new problems. Fine, bring it back and see if it solve my problem. Now approaching to the second day, what's my phone status? Nothing from CS... And where's my phone? At CS...
Quite worrying... That may be the last straw since my Nokia phone.
Old issues: Wifi disappearing. Fixed, new motherboard, new firmware.
New issue: Phone locking itself up, overheating for no reason (Once but worrying) 
iPhone anyone? Or I just go back to old fashion person that use basic phone and write calender on notes... My iPod classic is dying soooon; it's battery life is shorting by the minute.

Another thing, I just got my Azusa Nendoroid yesterday =3
My birthday: White cat paw? Hope so but........

Other things here, Thursday see old man yeo, I mean Mr yeo, my old maths teacher.

Friday, test test test~ Bring it on~
Saturday, Nick thing.. gonna go with him for something. 

*Edit: I just got back my Omnia 2 on the 20th and they change a NEW motherboard, again.
Now the problem is, what's the reason? No point changing motherboard but no credible reason for me to believe in. 

Possible issue (Based on Samsung CS) 
SIM-card(?), 3rd party apps, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO USE OMNIA 2, Go CS for fun, Windows mobile sucks, my life sucks

Possible issue (Based on me)
My dumb luck, my phone hates me, 3rd party apps, noob phone, sucky battery(COULD BE), My phone telling me that warranty is expiring so get a new phone quick!, anything that got to do with life

That's about it.
Azusa + guitar + cat = win. =3

Edit 26/7/10: Lock up again... Hangs and hangs... Getting a new phone? I hope not actually. But my problem is getting more frequent...
Seems the only solution is to flash with a custom cooked rom but I don't want to do that...
Screw Samsung custom UI.