Summery for this week: Terrible

This week is not OKAY. I bring my phone back to the customer service center the FORTH time.
Same problem, hang randomly when in lock screen.

iPhone 4 is expensive but it's my next best thing to "replace" my omnia 2 (Screw you Android!)

*Why not get Android or a droid? Well because it's from Google! They are like everything now... I do not want my info to fly here and there on a Android phone (Plus they (OEM) suck, mass producing models from OEM... where's the bloody support? Support 10 devices in a single release? Fat hope, clustered Android version, not standardized. Thanks OEM)

Omnia 2 is a good phone; SRS WOW HD WOOT!!!. iPhone 4 don't have this funky feature.... That makes me saddddd...

Next in line (about my phone again), I keep coming to service my phone like every week. So what about my calenders? My e-mail? My SMS? Hey Samsung, if you are going to release a new version of your bloody touch-wiz interface, TEST IT YOURSELF. The new update actually screws my phone up (Officially) though the performance is rather impressive.

How many days of "downtime": 5-7 days. I got screwed in my test because I messed up schedule. ZzZz 

Edit: I will not be getting an iPhone 4 anytime soon, maybe later but definitely not now. Out of stock everywhere... Sometimes people are just buying brand to show off... Harzzzzz *sigh*
About 3 more days to my expired warranty.